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I feel sick.

My younger brother and I came over to the mainland one school holidays. Xmas. 10 weeks. Stayed with my aunt. Direct on Takapuna Beach. Think we were 9 and 10. One day we smoked cigars with our older cousin. Right of passage thing. Cool. So cool I have never liked the colour green since. We were both thankful the house held 2 flush toilets.

Last night I had a green flashback. There was a distinct difference though. Green is also the colour of envy. Negative I know. Yet not. I found these on Ebay.


1 .. i'm in lust ... Telefix Type 111A, 35-42mm, 4 piece adjustable

i’m in lust … Telefix Type 111A, 35-42mm, 4 piece adjustable


And I’m in lust. I’ve never seen these before. It wont happen unfortunately. She who stands in the way says NO. She likes lists. I do to. Mine. I have several. One is hers and I don’t prioritise quite how she wishes. The hot water radiator in the spare room isn’t working. Nor is the dishwasher. And the car heater bearing is complaining.


  • Type 111A
  • 35-42 mm
  • 22mm grip
  • 4 Pieces
  • Adjustable
  • Certified by TÜV Bayern.

Fortunately it is all over. Would have made a good set-up tool.

I wish someone happiness.

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