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XS650: YZ/IT Race Preparation and Tuning Manual   Leave a comment

I know this is for motocross. But. There is a lot of basic info here. Relevant to setting up any bike. Bike set-up and rider skill are the foundations for exhilarating and gratifying riding.

Race Preparation and Tuning Manual

YZ/IT – Race Preparation and Tuning Manual

Race Preparation and Tuning Manual

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XS650: 1970 Accessories Catalogue   Leave a comment

Early Accessories Catalogue. Not much XS related. Some minor XS1 stuff. Nostalgia

1970 Yamaha Accessories Catalogue

1970 Yamaha Accessories Catalogue


even pictures the (then new) XS1

1970 Yamaha Accessories Catalogue


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XS650: Yamaha Racing Tips   Leave a comment

This manual first appeared in 1972. Here is the 1973 revised edition. Includes Section 11. XS750(650) Racing Special.

The OW72 motor was developed to take this and the then relevant associated tuning knowledge to another level.

Racing Part numbers referenced in this are found in the Yamaha Racing Parts Book.


Yamaha Racing Tips … mostly for the 2 stroke program … includes Section 11 XS750(650) Racing Special


YRT contents


YRT contents


YRT warning


Here are the sections. Relevant to XS650s are Sections 1 and 11 …

  1. Using a degree wheel,
  2. Tips for cutting parts,
  3. Cylinder Head mods,
  4. Porting mods,
  5. Piston mods,
  6. Rotary Valve mods,
  7. Con Rod mods,
  8. Expansion Chambers,
  9. Spark Plug selection,
  10. Carb Adjustments

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XS650: Yamaha Adplanner 78   1 comment

Yamaha produced 1 of these each year. To help dealers market their products locally.

Adplanner 1978



… intro … John Rinek – Advertising Manager



… Specials – XS400E … XS650SE



… more



… XS650 and XS400-2E






bike images



radio scripts

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XS650: Troubleshooting Manual   Leave a comment

If you have ended here and not where you want to go – VOU HAVE A VIRUS ON YOUR COMPUTER … do us both a favour and scroll back to my blog post Virus. Please read this then do a search as suggested.

Yamaha Troubleshooting Manual

In 3 languages. English. French. German


Troubleshooting Manual

Troubleshooting Manual


Yamaha Troubleshooting Manual


Trouble Shooting

– hopefully this can prove organic … comments and suggestions – correcting, extending
– an engine is basically an air pump – 4 stroke …  suck, squeeze, bang, blow
– add fuel, timing and spark = internal combustion engine
– break this system anywhere and you wont get much action

– so your engine turns over ? wont start
– what have you done ? what have you changed, altered, played with, unfixed ?
– air ? fuel ? spark ? …all in the correct ammount and moment ?
– don’t panic…turn the key and petcock/s off, step back …take a breath-deep, go do something you really enjoy for a couple of minutes…

  •  fuses ? kill switch ?
  •  battery ? 12.6 V ? put it on charge, brushes ? check charging system
  • power to coil/s ? points spark ? plugs ?
  • filters ?
  • fuel to carbs ? bowls ? cylinders ? floods ?
  • compression ? leak-down test ?


  •    adjust your cam chain … can readjust warm once you get her running
  •       set your tappets
  •       set your points if you have them .. plugs


– once you get this far she should be at least spitting and farting enough to attempt setting your carbs …

  • if she wont idle, look for air leaks ? atu ? massage her pilot jet circuits
  • once you can get idle, do the idle speed screw/pilot air screw dance
  • smooth transition through to full throttle ?
  • synchronise

Electric Troubleshooting

Carburetor Troubleshooting

Starting System Troubleshooting

Engine Troubleshooting

Oil Troubleshooting

Clutch and Gearbox Troubleshooting

Frame Troubleshooting

XS650: Parts Failure   Leave a comment


Found this publication while rummaging around in my boxes of shit. I love these boxes. You never really know just what you will find. Auctions and fleamarkets rule!


Parts Failure ID Guide



PF1 .. parts failure id guide

parts failure id guide




PF2 .. table of content

table of content



Parts Failure ID Guide


  • ”Includes explanations and possible reasons for failure…
  • These failures are not necessarily the only conditions that could cause the failure…
  • Make sure to consider all factors concerning the operation and maintenance of the machine when analysing failures…
  • Most of the shown failures are secondary…
  • Some other problem may have caused them…
  • Be sure to find the original problem area during diagnosis…
  • Not all causes are identified here”

If following the above link, look for the 7 sub-albums to the right.

XS650: TCI Ignition   Leave a comment

Yamaha Ignition Troubleshooting Manual.

Not much new here. Interesting background reading. Have included the General and TCI Sections.

… Ignition Troubleshooting Manual .. TCI … CDI

Some more reading. From the XZ550 site Riders of Vision.

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