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XS650: Chappell Bros Stout 33 Boardtracker   Leave a comment

Had my eye on this for a while. Chappell Bros.

“Stout 33 is extremely nimble, as light as a dirt bike, and is an absolute blast to ride. The name Stout 33, and its bronze and cream color pallet were inspired by a pint of dark beer with a frothy head.”
– chris chappell



1982 Yamaha XS650 by Chappell Customs

Stout 33 .. 1982 Yamaha XS650 by Chappell Customs



1982 Yamaha XS650 by Chappell Customs

basis – 82 Heritage Special … hmmm, not much left



stout 33

bird’s eye


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XS650: Ads 80, 81 and 82   2 comments



1 .. patch

patch .. when you know how they’re built … the proverbial ‘brick shit house’



2 .. 1980 2 page spread

1980 2 page spread




3 .. 1980 ad lhs

1980 Special ad lhs



4 .. 1980 ad rhs

1980 ad rhs



6 .. ad 80

ad 80



7 .. Yamaha belt buckle

Yamaha belt buckle



1981 Special II ad … US magazine

1982 US Custom/XS650SE ad from a British magazine … ??wonder what she looks like now??




10 .. Yamaha 650 Heritage ad from Playboy

Yamaha 650 Heritage ad from Playboy




82 .. US magazine

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XS650: AMP Superseal   Leave a comment


After parking the sidecar in town the other day I came back to find the sidecar front blinker and riding lights both broken. Decided to replace all sidecar lights with LEDs.



LED Marker Lights

LED Marker Lights … yellow blinker … white riding light … 3 LEDs each … both for the front … 0.004A/0.5W … non-polarised (can be wired either way)




rear light … 5 LEDs each function … tail/brake/blinker/number plate … 1W



As the wiring is rather exposed I thought I would try the waterproof AMP Superseal connectors. These come as 1 to 6 pole. Didn’t come with montage instructions. I found these pretty fiddly to put together. So went looking for instructions. amp superseal 1 and amp superseal.

Made the job a lot easier. However for the cost and effort I am not sure whether I would do it again. Simply from an installation and cost perspective I am disappointed. Time will tell how effective they are. If I hadn’t already the proper crimping pliers I wouldn’t have bothered – they are absolutely necessary. I used 1×3 pole, 2x2pole and 2×4 pole connectors. Together they almost cost more than the lights.



AMP Type A

AMP Type A … cable 0.5-0.75mm² … OD 1.2-1.6mm



AMP Type B

AMP Type B … cable 0.75-1.5mm² … OD 1.7-2.4mm



AMP Type C

AMP Type C … cabel 0.75-1.5mm² … OD 2.5-3.3mm … these red plugs come also as blind plugs (no hole through the middle)


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XS650: 2012/13 Happy New Year   Leave a comment

Happy New Year folks!! We hope 2013 will treat your physical and spiritual health as they should be.

For us, 2012’s highlight was our son starting school. A wonderful experience. For all but the school. We were summoned. Our first teacher/parent talk-Day 3. I at least, was proud. Being bilingual the school has done wonders for his active english skills. Observing and aiding his discovery of the written world is proving fascinating.

Earlier in the year my dear wife informed me we would be celebrating Xmas/New Year in New Zealand. My homeland-but not my home. Aside from spending the silly season with my family, she had a wishlist. Whalewatching, Visit a geothermal area, Waitomo glowworm caves. None of these really interest me in the commercial sense. Through all my years of boatng and sailing I’ve had countless possibility to observe and swim with whales and dolphins. As a geologist I appreciate NZL’s unique location although the touristy areas are a poor match to the many hidden geothermal gems. And I have to say that despite the impressive presentation the reknown glowworm caves simply cant rival the caving experiences I enjoyed with the University Caving Club. Still, keep the little woman happy and the world is good.



Kaikoura Coast

Kaikoura Coast … snow capped mountains in december(summer)



Kaikoura Coast

Kaikoura Coast



Kaikoura Coast

kaikoura locals sunbathing … seals mean fish



Kaikoura, the whalewatching coast set against, even in December, snow-capped mountains is truely beautiful. Unfortunately the early morning trip (booked as the ocean is calmer) was cancelled due to fog and the boys’ health deteriorated to fever. Instead we sat on the wharf and caught fish. Then headed back to Nelson area via Lewis Pass where we were awaited at the Tui Farm Folk Festival.



Tui Farm Festival

Tui Farm Festival



Run by great friends of mine this is a participatory event. Workshops, impromptu musical events and general jamming are definitely the order of the day.



Tui Boot Session

impromptu boot session … the rule rather than the exception



We shared a cooking tent with the headline band, The Shot Band, from Wellington.




I missed their main gigs by taking our (very) sick boy to bed but had the fortune to enjoy a full days jamming and general musical piss-taking. Boyz havin’ fun.



Tui Water Fight

Tui Water Fight



Tui Rainbow

Tui Rainbow



Tui Warrior

Tui Rainbow Warrior … lost both front teeth for xmas



All good things end and we headed back north to Taupo, thought to be the site of the worlds biggest volcanic eruptions, sitting atop major plate boundaries and at the end of the Tonga-Kermadec Trench.



kermadec trench

kermadec trench




TVZ .. taupo volcanic zone … lake taupo is the site of the worlds largest volcanic eruptions



We climbed Ruapehu and took a look at Tongariro (Mordor in the lord of the rings movies). The triad, Tongariro Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu are all considered active.







smoking Tongariro

smoking Tongariro … lurking behind lake rotoaira



Heading further north we visited Huka Falls where the Waikato River leaves Taupo and Orakei Korako, one of the hidden geothermal gems, on Lake Ohakuri.



Orakei Korako

Orakei Korako



fault scarps

fault scarps



Artists Palette

Artists Palette



Lake Ohakuri

Lake Ohakuri



Further north we dropped into Waitomo glowworm caves. I had caught the boys’ bug by this time and was getting pretty crook. Crashed out in the car-the missus had to drive.



Waitomo Visitors Centre

Waitomo Caves Visitors Centre – impresssive but overpriced touristy rubbish in comparison to what you could have



We headed back to Auckland. I stayed in bed a week and didnt eat while mum and the lad did more family things.



NE from Mt Eden

NE from Mt Eden … one of aucklands known 53 or so volcanoes … mts victoria and cambria can be seen on the penninsular mid-picture and the latest volcano, rangitoto (600 yo) in the background (eruptions in auckland around every 500-800 yrs or so)



Fortunately I got better enough to enjoy some sailing and fishing with my brother on his Stewart built 36′ Matangi design yacht.




the Etruscan a 36′ Matangi wooden hull designed by Bob Stewart – a great little boat



dude at the helm

dude at the helm



1st Snapper - a keeper

1st Snapper – a keeper



1st King Fish

1st King Fish – only 50cm, had to go back, a great fighting fish – even this small



After a long and shattering flight we are now back home. And happy for it too. Looking foward to putting a few miles on the XS and clearing the head.

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