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XS650: Boyer Power Box   Leave a comment

Boyer Power Box


The power box is a self regulating rectifier with an internal current and voltage storing capacitor. Connecting directly to the alternator, the output is approximately 15 volts with no current being drawn and 14.5 volts with some load. These values are just right for charging a 12 volt battery or running the electrics direct.

The unit has been designed using the latest power technology semi-conductors to provide stable, direct current from standard permanent magnet alternators.

Three types are available: Single phase, Bi phase and Three phase.

Some are available with a charging lamp control, or lighting delay circuit, which prevents the lights being turned on until after the engine is started. Ensure you have the desired unit before fitting. Single phase and Bi phase units control 200 watts and three phase units control 300 watts.

As a rule of thumb Single phase power boxes are suitable for use with most British Bikes, pre 1975 with alternators two, or three wire. Bi phase are suitable for use with most Italian and French machines equipped with three wire alternators. Three phase will suit some British machines post 1975 with three wire alternators and the majority of Japanese three wire machines.

For further info go to the Boyer site.


XS650: TCI Ignition   Leave a comment

Yamaha Ignition Troubleshooting Manual.

Not much new here. Interesting background reading. Have included the General and TCI Sections.

… Ignition Troubleshooting Manual .. TCI … CDI

Some more reading. From the XZ550 site Riders of Vision.

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