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XS650: Fork Lowering   Leave a comment

Some time ago I posted ‘How to lower those Forks‘. Have always had misgivings about this method – it reduces the ammount of fork travel. OK if you dont push your bike.

It is true that our XS650s do suffer from posture. Front is a bit high/rear a bit low.

My blue rat runs an SR500 front drum brake. One of my SR500s runs with an XS650 fork.

Comparing the XS650 and SR500 upper yokes you can see marked differences. And similarities. Fork width and tube diameters are the same. Yoke height isnt. SR500 front sits lower as the yoke is flat.

unpainted SR500 upper yoke – painted XS650 one … (SR500 yoke has been a little modified-handlebar has been solid mounted and instrument cluster mounts have been removed) – apart from that the geometry matches


you can see that the XS650 yoke mounts higher than the SR500 – translates to the fork tubes sitting lower and the front higher


here you can see the same – the difference is about 27mm or so

Can definitely gain over an inch (ca 27mm) height change very easily without compromising fork travel.


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