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  • Early 80’s
  • GP World Championship
  • TZ250 rulz

Until Honda rolled out the RS250, ’85


1 .. TZ250H



  • 1981
  • TZ250H
  • Mechanically-governed 500cc powervalves. Closed to 8,750 rpm. Fully opened 11,000 rpm. Reliable power
  • Crankcase was split left and right
  • Run backwards
  • Tapped from the center
  • Lower piston speed. More reliable bottom ends
  • Free flowing exhaust gases
  • Mikuni ZC carbs
  • New frame. 6.5 pounds lighter
  • Engine a little more forward
  • Improved rear shock
  • Reduced rake improving the ride
  • Wire wheels on offer


Pushed Kawasaki’s KR250


2 .. 85 ... TZ250N

85 … TZ250N


  • 85
  • TZ250N
  • Reeds too small and heavy
  • Flawed cylinder redesign
  • Bit of a pig
  • Exhaust, Carb kits, A bit of suspension fiddling. None covered poor engine performance

85. Honda’s 70HP RS250. Twin-spar aluminum frame. Rubbed Yamaha’s nose in it

In the 90’s.  YZR/TZ 250. Yamaha had a little success …


3 .. keeping the price right ... and Dotti ... bet she's still doing her thing there at Yamaha Ca

keeping the price right … and Dotti … bet she’s still doing her thing there at Yamaha Ca

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MikesXS have never been my friends. Poor product quality control. Marginal materials. But, they were there. Many XSes simply wouldn’t be running without the passion Mike Lalonde brought to his business.

Time doesn’t stop (in a ‘normal’ world). When our universe ceases to exist in the ‘reality’ we experience, time, as we (mis)understand it, wont. We get older. Our priorities change. We move on.

This has happened to MikesXS. Mike had other plans for his life. As it should be. The business was sold. And we, as consumers had high hopes. Of improved quality control. Of better customer service. Of continued access to parts.

And what have we got?

I don’t know about you but I have heard no end of owners grumbling. My order hasn’t been filled. Or only partially filled. Parts on backorder. Mikes are ‘awaiting a large order currently on the docks’. The list of unavailable parts seems to get longer, not shorter.

In the 70’s I was interested in a career in finance. Economics was, and still is , a fascination. What eventually soured me was a takeover (of the company I worked for) by Asset Strippers. They sought private and public companies with market or share values lower than their toal asset value and simply stripped them. Sold the existing stock. Sold the assets. Split what was left into smaller Business Units and laid everyone else off. Fortunes were made by the few. Families and whole communities were destroyed. Real progress! And it hasn’t stopped. Wont, until blood starts to flow. :79:    BildBild

What does this mean for us?

I was taking a quick look at the German forum over the weekend and found this from Rüdiger, owner of the XSShop Kiel in Germany:

Hallo XS Freunde,
die neuen Besitzer von MikesXS in Florida haben leider die Ersatzteillieferungen an mich eingestellt :( , es zeichnete sich schon kurz nach der Übernahme des Geschäftes eine Verschlechterung ab, teilweise bekam ich nur knapp 50% der bestellten Teile geliefert.
Bei Nachfrage in Florida wurde mir mitgeteilt das MikesXS keine Teile mehr von dem Hauptlieferanten aus Taiwan bekommt ( keine Ahnung warum ) und sie somit die Lieferungen an Ihre Vertriebspartner in Japan und Europa einstellen :( :( .
Ich werde nun zusammen mit Heidentuning die benötigten Teile in Eigenregie importieren. :D
Das ein oder andere Ersatzteil wird somit sicherlich kurzfristig ausverkauft sein aber es kommt wieder rein. :D


Basically translated as:

The new owners of mikexs have stopped delivering to me … soon after taking over the service deteriorated and they started only supplying part orders … on enquiry they said that they were not dealing with their taiwanese suppliers anymore and in future would not be supplying their business contacts in japan and europe …

Jerry Heiden and myself are now planning on importing our own supplies (from taiwan??) and expect to be short stocked in the meantime … this will not last

Sounds like some underhanded dealing happening behind the scenes somewhere … ??bills not being paid by the new owners?? … ??setting the scene for massive price hikes?? … ??deliberate minimal shelf stocking?? … ??cashing in on existing stock to pay their own bills?? … cant at all imagine Rüdiger or Jerry not paying their bills-be like shooting themselves in the foot.

Asset Strippers at work here? Locusts? An attempt to cut Jerry and Rüdiger out of the profit chain?

I don’t know. I do however have a distinct sense of déjà vu.


or are all of mikesxs_ awaited containers here

or are all of mikesxs_ awaited containers here


Guess we will have to wait and see.

Happy riding.

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1 .. the greensand logo

the greensand logo


A while ago I picked some rather tasty finned covers up from The Greensand Foundry. Look good on the XS.

They’ve been busy lately. Alongside single carb manifolds they’ve extended their catalogue.


2 .. more on offer

more on offer



3 .. iron cross generator cover

iron cross generator cover



4 .. iron cross points ... celtic pentagram generator cover

iron cross points … celtic pentagram generator cover



5 .. celtic pentagram generator cover

celtic pentagram generator cover



6 .. pentagram cover

pentagram cover




7 .. pentagram generator and finned points

pentagram generator and finned points



8 .. generator cover

generator cover




9 .. 13 generator cover

13 generator cover



10 .. yamaha tuning forks

yamaha tuning forks



11 .. and for the points cover too

and for the points cover too



12 .. super sport points and finned clutch covers

super sport points and finned clutch covers



13 .. super sport points covers

super sport points covers



14 .. XS points and finned clutch-oil

XS points and finned clutch-oil



15 .. XS points covers

XS points covers


email at:

fleabay at: hardtail28-2008

These are cast. In his small workshop. A one man band.



16 .. Furnace




17 .. getting ready

getting ready



18 .. Casting




19 .. Moulds




20 .. Workshop





21 .. backyard industry ... literally ... space is tight

backyard industry … literally … space is tight




22 .. single carb manifold

single carb manifold



23 .. amal mounted

amal mounted



24 .. twingled cam

in frame … here with no air filter … am sure I have a pic with filter-cant find it


Contact details:

email at:

fleabay at: hardtail28-2008

  • click on: ‘Angebotene artikel’ or ‘Items for sale’ … found in the profile box where the seller can post his photo if desired.

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I made this list up some years ago. This version is arranged in Model Code numeric sequence. This code is found on the steering stem ID/VIN plate and Registration Papers. This is not necessarily the same as the first 3 places of the Engine Number.


XS-B            75-76                 533                        447-500101

I’m sure it’s not complete. May include errors. If you have a machine with a model code not listed here let me know.


… by model code – page 01


… model codes – page 02


Or here listed by Engine Number.

… by engine number – page 01


by engine number – page 02


As you can see, there are questions. (???)

… my original tables included these model code/engine number combinations … they are not however confirmed by Yamaha … if you have a machine covered by one of these please let me know and I will reinclude it in the above tables


Have a Model Code that’s not listed here? Let me know.

I wish to get an idea of production runs. The engine numbers in the above tables are arranged so … 447-300101 to (400000). I have the start number for each model. Yamaha have given the absolute end number-these are in brackets. Not necessarily the real end number. Where I know this I have entered it without brackets … 2F0-000101 to 006141. The information is from Yamaha Publication #12100-100E1.

I’m looking for approximate end numbers. If you want you could leave me your model and engine number. No Name. No address. When left in the comment box below no one will see it.

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Shell Marketing getting in on the action. 11/75.


shell service guide

shell service guide



shell XS500 ... XS650

XS500 … XS650



XS650 shell service guide

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Last friday I did something stupid. It’s not that i don’t do stupid things. I do. I’m in my middle 50’s and have 2 preschool boys at home. My life revolves around stupid things. It’s fun.

This stupid was just plain dumb. Forgot I was on reserve. Then. Filled a half tank of E10 into the SR before I realised. Question. Top er up with real gas and ride? Or. Go home and drain the tank? Home wasn’t far. By the time I got home the poor girl was doing a Johnny Leathermouth. Blue-flaming like a pro. And the MIL was there. First time in 10 years she’s dared to show her face. And the last too. So the gas sat in the tank til Sunday morning. Inside tank was already showing signs of rust. WTF? The vacuum membrane in the petcock was shot. And the inlet manifold gasket was blown through.


louis 1 the melted petcock membrane led to petrol entering directly into the manifold..the popping blew this gasket causing major blue flaming

the melted petcock membrane led to petrol entering directly into the manifold..the popping blew this gasket causing major blue flaming


And no gasket paper.

My local friendly auto-supplier was empty. Unfilled shelves empty. No lights on empty.

Now, we have the usual chain store bike-supermarkets. Biker City – have lost the plot here, no real marketing sense, unfriendly service, limited range. Allowed Polo to build a big new outlet direct next door AND erect signage that directly blocks their own. If I was your bank manager I would have closed down your lines of credit. BUT Polo is even worse and their people cover their ignorance by being rude to you. At least Biker City people know what they’re talking about.

I wanted a sheet of gasket paper. B.C had none, no surprize there. Polo wanted to sell me a gasket paper kit. Several sheets @ about 200 x 300 mm. All smaller than my largest sidecase. For €20. Didn’t look impressed when I told him where he could put it.

Had to pick the missus up from work so drove across town to Louis. These blokes are actually pretty user-friendly. With a crappy location. In the middle of a busy part of town. No parking. Bingo. €7.95 for a 500 x 500 mm sheet of paper. And they gave my son a colouring-in book complete with coloured pencils.


louis 2 gasket paper roll 500 x 500mm

gasket paper roll 500 x 500mm

louis 3 cool colouring book from Louis ... complete with coloured pencils

cool colouring book from Louis … complete with coloured pencils



louis 4 with interesting images

with interesting images



louis 5 the mission

the mission


Nearly forgot the petcock membrane. Kedo advertise a Petcock Repair Kit. €19.90. Then state ‘Membrane not included in the set’. WTF ?

Oh. I see. Later on the same page. Petcock, complete. Including membrane. €117.99.

My home made one works fine. Cost? Just a little time. And when that craps out? I’ll make a conversion plate. Use a non-vacuum petcock from the XS. At €118 – NFS.


louis 6 a new leaf my ivy bush produced on Valentines Day ... normally they look more like a maple leaf

a new leaf my ivy bush produced on Valentines Day … normally they look more like a maple leaf


Polo – big stink finger from me .. (and not for the first time)

Louis – big thumbs up from my boy.

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Was rooting around in the shed last night. Looking for my carpet cutting straight edge. 5000 x 180 mm creased sst sheet rolled up like a tape measure. Think I could find it? Saw it last, 18 months ago. Could vizualise but not locate it.

My grandfather used to rabbit on about order, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. Always found this kind of strange coming from a devout church-hater. The local anti-christ. Norton borne. Cabinetmaker and boatbuilder by passion. Property Developer and Insurance Agent by necessity.

He had a point. Wood finishing and engine oil dont make pretty bed partners. Dust and bearings aren’t any better. His workshop was small. British bikes leak. When they dont you better be worried.

And he did keep a spotless workshop. When he knew visitors were coming. He could always find things. Had a fine memory. Something I find less and less.

I remember that generation fondly. The last of the great thinkers. Dinosaurs in todays age of  manipulation. Educated in the art of critical thinking. Before the marketers took the manipulative lessons wielded by church and class and applied them to corporation. Before man sold his soul to radio, television, mass flight, digital media…. Didn’t protect them from nationalism though. Won’t protect us either. Naya…

Unlike my grandfather my order is rooted in chaos. My personal views on entropy are not classical. Disorder is my realm. Shelves, boxes and back corners. Treasure chests. I loose things. Generally find them again. In the process though I get reacquainted with all sorts of stuff I’d forgotten about.

Like these.



1 .. shadow wall

shadow wall



2 .. for these

for these



3 .. shadow wall

shadow wall



4 .. for these

for these


Barely remember where they came from. Have no idea what I’m going to do with them. Apart from stack back in the corner. Maybe I will hunt around for the tools. That would be a challenge.

I found the straight edge too.

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