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XS650: Oil Filters   1 comment

Had my hands in a couple of motors last week. An early XS1 that, judging from the bearing seats, has had as hard a life as Keith Richards face. An XS-D that looks pretty clean inside. Both had what look like original filters.


Top: XS-D .. Bottom: XS1 – both showed damage from over-tightening the screws.

Neither gasket had been pre-treated before installation. An SF hammer was required. The gaskets did separate. In half.


Early filter left with full metal jacket. Right: pleated mesh with magnet, right-hand end slightly crushed. Mesh on both sides intact.


Rear: Early filter has no magnets. Mesh is only spot-welded. Later filter has magnets both sides. Mesh is fully cemented. Much more surface area. Mesh is finer.

Early oil flow problems? Filtration issues? Strange the prone corner was never properly reinforced.


Left ends intact.


Fronts. XS1 filter, mesh has started to separate at the spot-welds.

Although I’ve seen much worse both these motors could have benefited from a few more oil changes.

Was pleasantly surprised to see the original XS1 filter here. And that it had survived so much punishment for so long before giving out.

Both engines have obviously been warmed up slowly-the ends are still intact. The mesh separation on the early filter probably derives from crankshaft rotation – from the look of the bearing seats this motor has sung – full throat – louder than Sleazy Joe.
(143.2dB in Hassleholm, Sweden, 2008)

The XS-D filter could make a good emergency reserve. After fitting an end protector. And rechecking each oil change.

Take care of your engines and they will take care of you. These are very much ladies.

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XS650: 650 Central Sump Extensions   Leave a comment

650 Central has started producing a sump extension kit. MCEN40-2750. You wont find it listed yet.  A serious performance modification. 2 3/4″ deep (69.85mm).
Lowers the oil level freeing up the flywheels and clutch basket. Less flywheel drag implies better dyno numbers and lower oil temps.

Kit price … $135.

  • extension-(cast for better heat dissipation),
  • SS bolts
  • 2 gaskets


SE1 .. oil sump kit

 oil sump kit


Hattip Alvin.

650 Central … Mike “Mercury” Morse …

“To race is to live—all the rest is just waiting”

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XS650: Little fault, Big problem   Leave a comment

Steffi again. Reported, again on the German forum, that the plug found on the end of the shift shaft is often missing. Falls out.

missing lead seal

missing shift shaft plug


plug 5x3mm ... set with punch

plug, steel disc, 5x3mm … sits in recess … set with punch



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XS650: Oil Filter – Starter position   Leave a comment

Have seen these around. For many years. Mostly on competition machines. Use with 306 and later cases. Reportedly 20% cooling effect. Got one in my hands the other day.

Removed your starter ?


1 .. ... no need to waste that space ...

… no need to waste that space …



2 .. ... fill it ...

… fill it …



3 .. ... with something like this ...

… with something like this …



4 .. ... bolts in ...

… bolts in …



5 .. ... filters with a big suck ...

… filters with a big suck …



6 .. ... through here ...

… through here …



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XS650: Hall on Oil   Leave a comment


Was sent this by ‘Skull’ some years ago. Found it the other day. Not sure what the original source was. By Tony Hall (rip) ex Halco.


Tony Hall on oil

Tony Hall on oil



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XS650: XS1 Heads   Leave a comment

Kind of strange how you can do a job dozens of times and one day discover you’ve been missing the art. Blindly bypassing the finer details not directly pertinent to what you’re doing.

I pulled an old NOS XS1 head out of the mothballs the other day. Pretty clean. Next to it sat a used XS1 head. Well used. Started to clean it down. Slowly I became aware of differences. Mostly minor. But functional.


1 .. S650-0148## on the left ... NOS to the left

S650-0148## on the left … NOS to the left


I found 8 or so differences on the outside alone.

  • thicker, differently formed and more cleanly cast mounts and supports, front and rear on the used head
  • thicker tappet adjustment cover mounting face flange on the used head
  • artful blitz moulded into the unused head where the oil feed pipe passes
  • round cam sprocket tunnel on the used head, blocky cast on the unused head


2 .. inside the rocker cover

inside the rocker cover


Multiple casting marks on the unused cover. Rougher casting quality too. What are the other differences?

  • cast ridge inside each tappet adjustment cover opening, used head
  • cast ridge between the bearing supports and the oil inlet cast, directly over the cam, used head
  • round brace for each of the inner stud holes on the used head are replaced on the unused head

They appear inside the cover only. Later models have a thicker wedge shaped form sitting over the cam. I assume these are for better splashed oil control. Seems the ridges above the adjustment openings would reduce oil draining onto the inside of the adjustment cover,lower leak risk. Those above the cam would allow oil to concentate and drip directly onto the cam/rocker mating surfaces.

I’ve seen the blitz on some early models and the blocky sprocket tunnel cast is standard so I assume the unused head is early but later than the used head. Why they were experimenting with lighter top mounts and relaxed oil control I have no idea.


3 .. XS1 head

XS1 head


Later models differ too.


4 .. a later head

a later head


  • Thick wedge above the cam
  • oil inlet node different
  • adjustment opening ridges intact
  • this later head has the 4 bolt front left cover


5 .. and outside

and outside


  • no blitz, but definite casting mark
  • adjustment cover flange thicker than the unused head
  • has the rectangular casting on the cam sprocket tunnel and the heavier front/rear mounts-cant see here

All the heads have the walling before the inlet valves-presumably to pool oil to the front so it has to drain past the exhaust valves into the cam chain tunnel. As they all have the feed channel to the exhaust valves. The bleeding holes from the breather box are also the same.

I guess there are other differences and other heads.

Apart from these differences the unused head seems to be useable. Wonder how critical those ridges are. Guess if the covers leak and I mark cam lobe surfaces I’ll know.

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XS650: Sump Extensions   Leave a comment

Was asked yesterday about sump extensions. Do they exist? Who makes them? Are they effective?

I know of 2 suppliers. Ivan Hoey in Australia advertises his on the Australian XS650 site. Racers Bits. Scroll down.


1 .. Ivans sump extension

Ivans sump extension


And Twinsinn in Germany. Go to ‘Shop’ and then to ‘Ölfilter, Ölpumpe…’. Scroll down. Part number Öl042.


2 .. from Twins-inn in Germany

from Twins-inn in Germany


This requires removal or repositioning of the side-stand for models later than ’76. But has cooling fins. And is a little deeper. I have one of these in one of mine. The other has a sump plate modified for an auto spin-on filter. An extension would make this too deep.

I also have 2 of these. No idea who makes them. One was on a parts bike. The other in a box of bits I acquired from somewhere.


3 .. unknown european producer

unknown european producer


I’ve filled this. Takes 200ml. An 8% volume increase. No function loss. Follows the sump plate contour. Fits with the sidestand in place too. Weighs 220g.

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