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I have a wife and kids. A home. Some toys. And my bikes. We live ok, are not well-off. Cash is always tight. Whatever I buy for my bikes is a compromise. That cash could, simply put, be used for other things.

So. Bang for my buck?

Good question.

I have an answer. It’s not a single item however.

There is a list. Needs prioritising according to your pocket and your bike.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

My basic list includes:

  • tapered roller steering head bearings…if needed
  • new fork oil, and seals when needed
  • swing arm roller bearings or bushes…always needed
  • rear shocks…anything is an improvement
  • check wheel bearings
  • look at the tyres
  • fork brace

Note that none of these are related to the motor. All affect handling. Directly.

I always keep my eye out for cheap fork braces. You hardly ever buy a bike with one on it.

Basic pattern is:

  • 35 x 55 x 185…’77-on
  • 35 x 55-58 x 185…’76
  • 34 x …………………….up to ’75 -i don’t have one here to measure

The later 35 x 55 x 185 version is shared with several other models. Some are:

  • SR500
  • XS750
  • XS1100
  • XJ550..80
  • XZ550S..82
  • XJ400..82
  • XZ400..82

’76 models are also found in ’80 Suzuki CM400L

The 35mm models produced that I know of are:

Daytona..japan..i have these…i like the foil shape, although i turn it around, to push down as i go forward


motoline … 35 x 55 x 182-185 … forged .. 500g


Motoline – certified for:

Yamaha XS 500 650 750 SR 500 XJ 550 XJ 650  XS 400 TR1

Kawasaki KZ650B KZ750E KZ750B Z1F KZT00A KZ550B KZ440A

Suzuki GS400 GS1000 GS850 GS450

Honda CB400T CX500 CB1 CB750F CB750G

Tarozzi…can fit the boot or gaitors over these


Telefix…also boot and gaitor friendly


AME…simple, clean


and the old standby .. hooped


Any of these will strengthen up the front. Remove the fork flex. The results are immediately noticeable. Careful, it will uncover other problems.

Where do you stop?


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3 responses to “XS650: Fork Brace

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  1. Where can I buy one of the above fork braces for my xs650?

  2. About 18 months ago I fitted a Tarozzi fork brace to my 76XS650C after viewing your above suggestions. Happy to report very satisfying results both in regards to form and function. Thanks heaps for your efforts with this blog. Best, Dale (Australia).

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