XS650: Happy New Year 2021/2022

Well friends, they’ve been trying to grind us down for some time now.

Getting a bit tedious it is.

Methinks there’s a showdown looming.

Health issues and an ever increasing unease over current machinations have swayed me to return to my homeland, New Zealand, a hot-bed of strange agendas.

The stable has thinned out a little. No SR500s any more, I miss them. A ’71 W1 650cc Kawasaki and a ’76 XS650 provide access to the beautifully curving local country roads and coastline. The garden is loving a bountiful supply of horse-apples, the new year may well bring some chickens.

I have no desire to do much other than go fishing, grow my garden, play music and enjoy riding while I can. Life is good despite the silly games.

Be good to yourself and those around you. Please don’t succumb to the division.


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XS650: Yamaha 650 Society Newsletters 1-29

Have a use for these ?

Numbers 1 thru 29

Then make me an offer.

Yamaha 650 Society Newsletters

Yamaha 650 Society Newsletters 1-29

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