XS650: Manuals .. HJ Pahl .. now in English

Way back when, I started looking for a manual. I found all sorts. The better were always the original Yamaha publications.

In 2008 here in Germany an engineer passionate about his XS650 wrote his own. Great colour photos and descriptions. Explained the various mechanical groups, their function and their wear. My favourite manual. Unfortunately, for many, not in english.


hj pahl german 1

… original German version from 2008 …


2017, he published an English version.  Kool.


hj pahl english xs650

… English version, 2017 …


note … this is not paid advertising … many years ago I translated most of the original book for myself, this is not my translation

…  you would not regret having this.

I see he has reworked his German version. 2019. Quite a bit of new stuff. Including popular improvements.


hj pahl german 2

… reworked German version, 2019 …


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