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XS650: Ads 80, 81 and 82   2 comments



1 .. patch

patch .. when you know how they’re built … the proverbial ‘brick shit house’



2 .. 1980 2 page spread

1980 2 page spread




3 .. 1980 ad lhs

1980 Special ad lhs



4 .. 1980 ad rhs

1980 ad rhs



6 .. ad 80

ad 80



7 .. Yamaha belt buckle

Yamaha belt buckle



1981 Special II ad … US magazine

1982 US Custom/XS650SE ad from a British magazine … ??wonder what she looks like now??




10 .. Yamaha 650 Heritage ad from Playboy

Yamaha 650 Heritage ad from Playboy




82 .. US magazine

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XS650: 78 Service News   Leave a comment

Found my 78 book. These are the relevant pages.

 … will create and upload as pdf …

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XS650: 78 XS E/SE Wiring   Leave a comment


  • VW Beetle ceases production. After nearly 30 years. 20 million cars
  • World-wide. Unemployment rises after several decades of near full employment
  • Gold reaches an all time high … $200.00 per ounce
  • Japanese Cars  account for half the US import market. The energy crisis/rising fuel prices fueling demand for economy cars
  • Sweden becomes the first nation to ban Aerosol cans. Ozone layer killers
  • Serial killer David Berkowitz.”Son of Sam”. Sentenced .. 25 to life
  • Amoco Cadiz. Oil tanker. Runs aground March 16th. Brittany coast .. Ecologically disasterous slick. 18 miles wide. 80 miles long. Covering about 200 miles (320 km) of Brittany coastline
  • Cult leader Jim Jones. Guyana. Instructs 400 members of his church, “People’s Temple”, to commit suicide
  • Worlds Population. Estimated at 4.4 billion
  • First Test Tube Baby. Louise Brown. Born in England
  • Illinois Bell Company introduces first ever Cellular Mobile Phone System
  • Jimmy Carter,  Helmut Schmidt, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Pierre Trudeau,  Malcolm Fraser… a fine bunch of rogues
  • Saturday Night Fever, Grease, JawsII, The Deer Hunter, Close Encounters …

XS-E Cable Routing .. lhs

… increase size? …  Click image – up to 2 x

XS E Cable Routing … rhs

78 XS E Wiring

78 XS SE Cable Routing .. lhs

78 XS SE Cable Routing … rhs

78 XS SE Wiring

78 XS SE Wiring Key

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XS650: 77 Service News   Leave a comment

General and XS650 specific bulletins from 1977.

Gearbox splines, EPA.

M7-008 … general set-up check list

M7-014 … 77 XS650D technical publications

M7-017-1 … handlebar switch knob replacements 76 77

M7-017-2 …handlebar switch knob replacements 76 77

M7-019 … 77 engine/frame numbers

M7-023-1 … changes to splining of transmission gears and axles

M7-023-2 … changes to splining of transmission gears and axles

M7-030 … DID50HDS drive chain and master link

M7-033 … cam shaft sprocket systems

M7-042 … XS650E 78 service data

M7-052-1 … drive chain and master link

M7-052-2 … master chain and link

M7-067 … dealer setup and predelivery check list

M7-069-1 … introduction to EPA

M7-069-2 … introduction to EPA

M7-069-3 … introduction to EPA

M7-070 … 78 XS650E engine / frame numbers

M7-071 … XS650SE 78 service data

M7-075-1 … new battery service and maintenance

M7-075-2 … new battery service and maintenance


 … will create and upload as pdf …

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XS650: Manuals   Leave a comment

When I first started playing with these ladies I went out and bought myself a manual – Haynes. Made my eyes sore. Print far too fine. Badly printed on paper so absorbant, it spread. Cheap n nasty.

I have others.  Clymer, Chilton, Clinton, some in Dutch, some German. None  particularly good. Many not even coming close.  I like manuals – Basics aren’t a problem –  Every machine has its idiosyncracies tho’.  I know I do (and no manual).


… … HaJo Pahl … vibrates even in print


In truth I guess the best manual I’ve found isn’t accessible in english.  Luckily I read German. HaJo Pahl on the XS650 motor:  ‘Der XS650 Motor-Aufbau und Funktion’ . Explains the components as functioning entities. Details the weaknesses and wear points. I translated most of this book for myself, and even spoken to him about publishing an English version but he didnt see the advantage. Schade. Accessible online. In German. Reading only – great pictures.

Now in English.


hj pahl english xs650

… English version, 2017 …


… XS1 – It all started here


Over the years I’ve assembled a collection of original Yamaha Manuals, Supplementary Manuals and Information Booklets. Superior. Mostly great printing. Better quality pictures. Original US versions  are for me better – in English – A4 format.

European versions are in 3 languages. Lower quality reproduction. Smaller.

No preference. I like the last. XS650SJ-SK.


… XS650SJ/SK – the last XS models


Or go here to Yamaha. You can order the original manuals new. How’s that?

The German XS650 site has accessible online a manual for XS650E including later supplements – in english…also found at knucklebuster or


… XS1, XS2, TX650, TX650A Service Manual 1970-74

… XS650B Service Manual 1975

… XS650E Service Manual plus Supplements

… XS650SJ/K Service Manual

Some Parts Manual breakdowns.


More Parts Manuals:












Yamaha Parts also has many parts manuals online..scroll down in the left bar to XS/TX 650 Manuals