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XS650: Cool Trim   Leave a comment

8 Ball rulz!!

8 ball trim … kool … left n right


CNC cut from 6061-T6 aviation alu billet – laser cut self adhesive tape on back – 11.5cm (4.5 in)

kool covers … cnc machined 6021- t6 billet, hand engraved, triple chromed


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XS650: Police Tank   1 comment

Currently for sale. Ebay. Singapore. New.

Patrol Tank. 584-24110-01.





filler – no rust

decal – left … H is damaged

Hell of a price.

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XS650: Badges   Leave a comment

Usually I remove badges. Tank. Sidecovers. On the XS I mostly leave only the clutch cover.

Saw these the other day. Lasercut from stainless steel.

actually thought about getting this one … 155 x 20mm

nice, but didn’t quite do it for me … 155 x 20mm

149 x 30mm … mine are all 533 or early models

Find some nice dome head or countersink some machine screws n Bob’s ya aunty.

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XS650: Tanks Tin and Tone   Leave a comment

I found this site. Deals with Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Painting.

Marbles Motors.

Great if you are looking for tank shapes. Colours in use.


XS1 tank




Looks can be deceiving.  Graphics are very subtle.
Base is orion silver, followed by gold graphics. Some platinum metallic. Then 3 coats of pagen gold candy and 4 of clear.

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