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XS650: Copper Head Washers   Leave a comment

c1 .. copper washers

copper washers



Well. Those are pretty. Coppery.




c2 .. original rubber coated washers

original rubber coated washers


Rubber compresses. Hardens. Ages. Leaks.

These outside head studs are wet. Drain oil back to the crankcase.



c3 .. oil comes into the head from above...splits to each rocker...some is sprayed, the rest follows the outer head studs to the crankcase

oil comes into the head from above…splits to each rocker…some is sprayed, the rest follows the outer head studs to the crankcase


c4 .. machined return galleries...each outside headstud

machined return galleries…each outside headstud


c5 .. look like this

look like this



Copper washers on the outside head studs seal well. Allow securer torque settings.

Kits are available with 4 copper or brass washers and 4 steel ones for the 4 inside head studs.


c6 .. washer kit

washer kit


Can also use Suzuki GS750/1000 Cu washers part # 09168-10017

Or look for 22 x 10.5 x 4. Metric of course.


c7 .. torque sequence

torque sequence



Don’t forget torque sequence. Diagonally opposed.

Torque in sequence. And in increments.

Don’t go direct to full torque in 1 hit. Take your time.

Clean threads. A little oil. No loctite.

Set torque. Leave the top mount off. Run to warm. Retorque. Test run. Retorque. 70-100 kms. Retorque. Top mount – don’t forget it.

Failure to do this, and check occassionally, leads to cylinder leaks.

Doing this to stop cylinder head leaks? Too late. Do the job properly. New head gasket. While you’re there do the cam chain, front guide, valve seals and valve grind.

And then………

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