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XS650: 650 Central Sump Extensions   Leave a comment

650 Central has started producing a sump extension kit. MCEN40-2750. You wont find it listed yet.  A serious performance modification. 2 3/4″ deep (69.85mm).
Lowers the oil level freeing up the flywheels and clutch basket. Less flywheel drag implies better dyno numbers and lower oil temps.

Kit price … $135.

  • extension-(cast for better heat dissipation),
  • SS bolts
  • 2 gaskets

oil sump kit

Hattip Alvin.

650 Central … Mike “Mercury” Morse …

“To race is to live—all the rest is just waiting”


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XS650: Sump Extensions   Leave a comment

Was asked yesterday about sump extensions. Do they exist? Who makes them? Are they effective?

I know of 2 suppliers. Ivan Hoey in Australia advertises his on the Australian XS650 site. Racers Bits. Scroll down.


Ivans sump extension


And Twinsinn in Germany. Go to ‘Shop’ and then to ‘Ölfilter, Ölpumpe…’. Scroll down. Part number Öl042.

from Twinsinn in Germany


This requires removal or repositioning of the side-stand for models later than ’76. But has cooling fins. And is a little deeper. I have one of these in one of mine. The other has a sump plate modified for an auto spin-on filter. An extension would make this too deep.

I also have 2 of these. No idea who makes them. One was on a parts bike. The other in a box of bits I acquired from somewhere.


unknown european producer


I’ve filled this. Takes 200ml. An 8% volume increase. No function loss. Follows the sump plate contour. Fits with the sidestand in place too. Weighs 220g.

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XS650: Oil Filter   Leave a comment

All the high km Xses I’ve seen have had a history of regular oil and filter changes. Remove the foreign matter and you reduce the wear and tear.

I like to imagine my bean-counter freaking. Red-faced. Apoplectic. How dare these machines live. They’re supposed to be dead. Killed off to promote the XS750-850 triples. And they’re supposed to be dead too. How dare people care. They should be junking these old pieces of shit and buying new. New. NEW. New pieces of shit. New planned obsolescence. Where’s the profit? Where’s my bonus?




Maybe this is why Yamaha never bothered to really improve the original sump sieve. Always damaged. Ruptured by strong flows. You can carefully repair it. Solder it up. Some have used JBWeld-not my cup-of-tea. Make a shield to protect the exposed corner. It still wont improve filtration. The mesh is simply too coarse.


shielded…i soldered this up to make it stronger


new filter…open all along the top left hand edge…WTF?


as the magnet was crooked…have heard these fall out too


I bought a new filter some years ago. From the supplier I can’t bring myself to name. You all know him. CCC. Cheap Chinese Crap Inc. Here’s a pic. I’ve bought 2 of these. Both looked like this. When returned, I was the criminal. Great customer relations. At €32 each, with a miscut gasket too, I walked.


BMW paper filters…still inside the motor though…nice sump extension


paper filters


I got hold of one of these. Uses BMW paper filters. Works fine. Still need to open the sump to exchange. Shielded. Came with a sump extension. A little more oil.


external sump filter..spin-on auto cartridge


with bypass in the unlikely event you don’t do your maitenance


Then I found this. External. Spin on auto filter from a Renault. Takes a standard fitting. Paper filter. Includes a bypass for the unlikely event the filter blocks. Centrestand hangers sit lower. Not for low-slung hardtails and bobbers. Kalle in Germany makes these. Send him a sump plate this comes in return.


BMW-KTM620 paper filters…bypass fitted inside the rh end


shielded and fixed both ends against vibration…is still inside the engine though


Hein from Holland produces these. Paper. Bypass. Requires removal of sump plate to exchange.

Both create a suction drop of around 0.1 bar or 1.5 psi. Normal operation is around 1.0 bar or 14 psi delivering ca 7.5 ltr per min @ 5000rpm.

Then there is this interesting modification. Removing your e-start? Great idea! Save weight. And make room for this…


best e-start i’ve ever seen


mounted on front mount


front mount incl filter, from twins inn


fitted in front…check the cooler, normally it looks mounted upside down-like this it will drain when sitting-unless the cooler is temp controlled, only opening over a certain operating temp


Auto spin-ons are also fitted as remote filters. Mostly integrated to the front engine mount. Pick-up and return points are in the rh casing at the side filter. You need to ensure the original return is blocked or not all the oil will filter.


650Central spin on side filter


Mike Morse at 650Central sells these too which fit into the original side filter cavity. Same applies with the original return. Make sure it’s blocked off.

Picked up one of these side filter covers. Replaces your original. Works with the original side filter. Dont know if I will ever use it as I like the Heiden side filter conversion. Still, it makes a nice paper-weight.


original side-filter cover replacement


compared to Heidens kit


heidens honda paper filter and cooler


I do like these. Uses a honda paper filter. Designed to act as a small cooler too. Looks cool.



There are those that argue ‘Regular oil changes are all that’s needed’. ‘Paper filters reduce too much flow’. ‘Bypass valves should all be removed’.

Each to their own. It’s your bike. Your pocket. I change my oil every 1500km. Run a sump paper filter and a side filter-cooler. 750cc. More cubes means also more heat and stress.

These girls run hot already. Look after your oil.

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