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XS650: XS’ive   Leave a comment

I have played many sports. Some to a high level. Kinda normal when you grow up in ‘godzown’ land. Of them all, rugby, sailing, surfing and fishing were my favourites. And I discovered motorcycles.

As a kiwi, rugby is part of your soul. Whether you like it or not. The Springbok tour of 1981 tested the limits of kiwi social conscience. And through their actions, the NZ Police lost, forever, the respect the NZ population had previously given them. Police are, after all, simply the biggest gang in the world.

Like many kiwis I stopped playing and watching rugby. Totally. The working class image of Rugby League captured many, myself included.

In the late 90’s I ended up in Germany. A land with almost no rugby profile. 2007 a mate from home contacted me. Wanted to come and visit. Experience the Rugby World Cup in France. Together we rode 2 of my XS’es ca. 10000km each through France. Traveling from game to game. Reawakening my passion for rugby. Today, my son plays rugby for RKH.  Rugby Klub Heusenstamm. It is really nice to feel the passion these (?not so?) normal German families have for this wonderful game.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup tournament has now ended. The winners were, of course, Rugby.

As the celebrations ended and the dust settled we learnt that Jonah Lomu would never experience his greatest desire. To see his boys grow up.

His rugby heyday occurred during the ‘dark ages’. My self-imposed rugby exile. My loss. Greatness has a habit of transcending barriers. Lomu’s presence impacted into my world. What a League player he would have made. Later I had the pleasure of meeting the man himself. Typical of many Tongans I know. Big. And humble.


Jonah Lomu … ?the worlds first global rugby superstar?

A day later, Richie McCaw, All Black captain, ?the world’s greatest yet rugby player? announced his retirement.

A truely sad week.

The Phoenix at work.

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XS650: School Time   Leave a comment

Our boy turned 9 the other day – how time flies!!!

He loves riding. Sidecar or as solo pillion – no problem – gotta have wind in face.

Looking for a birthday gift – Lego is always a winner. Stumbled across a bit of XS memorabilia that guaranteed not many have.

We have summer school break at the moment. 6 weeks of it. He had a week of football camp with Real Madrid and another week with his rugby club. The rest I have him on my construction site.

Anyway, to cut a short story long, I was looking for birthday stuff – school in mind – just the stuff kids hate. And found this …


1 ..  kool XS2 Pencil Case

kool XS2 Pencil Case


2 .. with 2 pockets

with 2 pockets


Sure it’s used. Has a name inside with a post code that doesn’t exist anymore. But, hey, for a kid that goes to school in a sidecar it’s kinda fitting.

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XS650: Henneburg 2014   Leave a comment

Through contact I made at the Kassel SR500 IG Party this year I ended up at the Alteisen meet,  Henneburg – an old castle ruin overlooking the river Main, between Aschaffenburg and Würzburg. ca. 135 km – Landstrasse. The Main flows through Frankfurt. A perfect chase, up-river. Grey-Misty,  sometimes heavily so.

Groundsheet. Tent. Air mattress. Sleeping bag. Primus. Lighter. Coffee pot. Coffee. Water. Mug. Fresh undies n t-shirt … the basics.

Sidecars make it so easy.

the burg … from across the Main … waiting for the ferry


sporty reception committee 1


reception commitee 2 … looks like a WL series 750


lords n ladies


the upper sundeck


dieselled enfield … (?? Vahrenkamp HATZ – fan/aircooled, direct injected, balance shaft to quieten her, 88 x 76mm 462 cc, 11PS/3600rpm, 2-2.4 ltr/100km … coupled to a 4 speed Enfield gearbox)


puch 175 MCH … kool smoker


russian here russian there … ural 650?


happy camping


corner spot


got lost looking for the sun


couple more guzzis


not quite the yellow brick road


is this beer really safe? … a bit confused i am, looks like an Ural M72 but has smooth head covers-i thought they came from the early K750s


kool … another diesel? … looks like one of those water-cooled Kipors.. KM2V80 … V-twin, 80mm cylinders, 15Kw, 74kg … Dnepr frame ??


an invasion … Dnepr ?


looks dangerous … orcs??


kool kombi sidecar … check out the shin-cruncher




one of many neat 500s


another kool smoker – morini




many nice touches


super-kool, shaft driven … Mz BK 350 ?


view from my tent – makng coffee


Cool concept. Small, tight – group of motorcycle crazies.  Plenty of  shady corners. Quiet niches. Interesting people. Felt right at home. Well done team.

Laid back cruisy trip through the Odenwald. With Achim – SidecaR Convoy – Home.

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XS650: Cool Trim   Leave a comment

8 Ball rulz!!

8 ball trim … kool … left n right


CNC cut from 6061-T6 aviation alu billet – laser cut self adhesive tape on back – 11.5cm (4.5 in)

kool covers … cnc machined 6021- t6 billet, hand engraved, triple chromed

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XS650: Distinguished Gentlemans’ Ride II   Leave a comment

The day has come and gone. Again. The fun started before i went to bed. New Zealand time is 12 hours in front of Germany.

We met outside St Paul’s Church. Frankfurt/M. 10.00 am. Ready to leave around 11.00am.

the gathering


Here is a selection of the rides out today. It was great to see so many attend.


kool Norton – made me wish mine was here


CX Honda


top cat – nice detailing


very tasty Guzzi




a gaggle of Triumphs




a trip down memory lane


far east 250cc beastie – very quiet


XS650 cafe


nicely finished beemer


kool little kwaka rat


Kawa Estrella


W650 – sweet machine


another kool Kwaka


oops – who dun dat?


dressed to kill


suit and hairy chin


the SR – only sidecar out today


we had the fountain outside the old opera house ring-fenced


wash day? … i think not


Was a good day out … almost too many bikes to keep track of … not enough time to really meet everyone … you never know when you will meet again.

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XS650: Professional Motorcycle Tuning, Australia   Leave a comment


My first contact with Daryl was back when I joined the Australian XS650 Club. After finding Terry’s website. I had picked up an XS650 Special for a song. Had been sitting 10 years. Reigniting an association I had had with these beauties during the 70’s and 80’s. Funny how the worm turns. Connects.

Was talking to a mate about my find. A warm far-away smile spreads across his face. Takes me out to one of his sheds. An 82 standard sitting in the corner. Sharing space with other beauties he hadn’t been able to part with. Naya, to cut a long story short – I started telling him about Daryl’s 270° rephase pins. We spent the next few weeks ‘touring’ around Europe (touring? – hmmm, hard physical work, long days, hotel beds – a dream). Boys back in town. Peter hands me a small package. Surprisingly heavy. You got it! 270 heaven. No looking back now. I’m converted. Wanted to do some remedial revision last year, to the 270 motor: clutch, gearbox, cam chain and a little headwork – ended up adding a 750 kit too. Checked the crank – no problems. Still, I added carrillo rods, balanced and welded it all together. Mum shat buckets of blood.

270° pins

270° rephase pins


This isn’t my story, so back to the point.

Daryl isn’t just Mr 270. He is Professional Motorcycle Tuning. Melbourne (a truly beautiful town, Port Phillip, Yarra River, AFL and the nearby Phillip Island circuit to name just a few teasers – well worth a visit).

Where to start ? At the beginning.

First ride on a motorcycle:  within a week of my 10th birthday, May 1970. I said there and then that I want to be around them for the rest of my life!!!! I am now 50+ young

I have, luckily enough, been able to do this most of the time. I moved to Melbourne, 1978. Worked as an apprentice electrician. I didn’t really like it. Spent most of my time at a mates motorcycle shop, helping. How I got my first XS650.

An XS2. In a million bits. All in boxes. Engine totally dismantled.Forks removed, swing arm in another box. But, everything was there. Over the next few months we rebuilt the engine, installed the forks and swing arm, some new tyres, got some replica Dunstall mufflers and another mate painted thetin. Cool looking wheels.

 I rode that bike around Melbourne. Did a trip up to Sydney and back. Never missed a beat. I came out from my electrical job one afternoon and it was gone. I thought the guys I worked with might have moved it on me as a joke, but no, it was stolen. Called the police. They didn’t really care. Never found it. Only had one photo of it – long lost. I really liked that bike.

 After finishing my apprenticeship, 4 years, I joined the army for 3 years.  Since then, I have been involved in the motorcycle industry, working as a mechanic until becoming the service manager at Raceway Suzuki, owned and run by the guy that helped me build that very first XS650. Small world.

Took an offer, 2000, to join the official Australian Suzuki superbike team as a mechanic, boring job, pull one engine out, put another one in. That was thelast year that we ran full spec FIM superbikes down here. All came straight from the factory. Got to look at the inside of one. It was not a 750cc engine.750cc was the limit. I know how big a 750 piston is. This was way bigger. Factory tricks. A mate working on the Yamaha team told me they had “fat” engines as well. How can privateer do battle with that??!!

 Season finished. We won the championship. No job. Tried working at a Ducati dealership. Didn’t “fit” into the Ducati thing and left after 3 months.

 What to do now? Start my own shop. Professional Motorcycle Tuning. I opened 1st Feb 2001. Best thing I ever did !

PMT workshop, Melbourne … a city definitely worth visiting


I have owned XS650s for most of the time, all roadster types (447), I don’t really like the special version. Too american for me. But hey, they pay the bills.

I started doing a few engine rebuilds for a few people put ting a few of my little tricks into them. Word spread of what I can do. Terry (Toota) used to get the rephased pins done but his engineer retired, so now I do them. I am the only place in the world where they are available.

 I always have 2-3 XS650 engine rebuilds on the go. They vary from stock rebuild to big bore rephase and everything in between. XS1 is my favorite engine to do. Stronger cases, taller 1st gear and the head, all valve inspection covers the same. 3 bolt. Some people think it is a head off something else. I am working one at the moment that is being de-stroked 6mm, down to 62mm, 256 conrods bushed to 20mm and an 81mm bore. 640cc.Rephased, what else? Got some titanium valves on the way from USA. Still waiting. Special cam, my dry clutch and high ratio primary gears. XS1 gearbox.

If my math is right it should be able to spin to 10,500-11,000 RPM, piston speed 22m/sec. Bee-hive valve springs. Not that all hard to do, the secret is in the set-up.And the best bit, most of the parts are available across the counter. The guy that does my head porting is a whizz!

Now, my awesome tracker is on the back burner for a while. Too much customer work on the go at the moment and I have my TX750s to play with.

One thing I have been working on is an XS650 dry clutch. Just about got it done. After I do some testing (race track) on it I might start to do kits, costing ?? $3000-$4000.No one else does them. Someone in Japan does a kit for the SR500 every now and then. They areall sold out not long after being put on sale and they are a similar price.

 What else?? Yes, my belt drive. I am doing one for a customer at the moment. He now wants to fit a Motolana swingarm, 25+mm shorter than stock. I can’t cut and join a belt. Yet! Another spanner in the works. And he wants his stock one braced. A removable partwill have to be put in the bracing. I can do it. I can do anything. The belt drive? About $1000. Belts on Harleys last tens of thousands of kms so I can’t see a problem. I used to look after an XV1600A that in 100,000 km had only one adjustment.

I have been working on a light-weight charging system.It will also incorporate an ignition for all styles of engine, std, 277° or 270° crank, as required. As the cam chain stretches the ignition timing changes.With my system it is truly set and forget. But more on that later, no price yet but it will be reasonable for what you get

Some of Daryl’s builds:

the street scrambler

750cc, 270 deg crank, Probe ignition, 34mm Mikuni carbs, TRX850 front end, Motolana SR500 swing arm, SR500 fuel tank, SR500 Nitroheads seat, and a lot of over the counter parts.

street scrambler


the bobber

750cc, 270 degree crank, 34mm Mikuni carbs, Pamco ignition, header pipes that are way too big and loud (what the owner wanted) and extended swing arm.



the green machine

Total rebuild using mostly after-market parts, 650cc, std crank, 75 done up like a 74.

the green machine


all 3

all 3


clean canvas

every rebuild starts like this – all threads chased/helicoiled



My 840cc piston with barrels, 85mm bore compared to Heiden’s 750cc barrels. My piston assembly is about 50 gram lighter.

840 barrels and pistons sitting beside a heidens 750 kit


Daryl and his tracker

Daryl and his tracker – when will you get time to finish it?


Looking good mate ……..

Daryl Hutcheon … Professional Motorcycle Tuning, Melbourne

Tel: Int’l- ++61 3 9330 4909 ………. Aus: (03 – 9330-4909)

Fax: Int’l- ++61 3 9330 4903 ……… Aus: (03 – 9330-4903)

Mob: Int’l ++61 409 164 274 ……… Aus: (0409-164 274)

Email: –

XS650: Belt Buckle   Leave a comment

Another for those with everything they dont really need.

Stainless steel clasp.  For 5cm belt. Valve inspection cover: – Polished. Removable. Reuseable.

Belt Buckle


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