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Hartmut, from Dominator Engineering has a passion for British Bikes. Likes to play in the dirt too. Has an ’84 EML Yamaha Sidecross machine.



1 .. sidecross 975cc XS650

sidecross 975cc XS650



Taken out to 975cc. With a high lift long duration cam. Outlandish torque. Pulls from right down deep. Full power beyond 7000 rpm. Often saves gear changes between curves.

Exposed clutch weaknesses. An 8 plate clutch mod and super hard springs was good to 3rd gear. A 10 plate mod with thinner friction plates, ground steels and springs so hard Popeye would have problems was good to 4th.

Luckily he produces clutches for Vincents. Useable wet or dry. And they pass inside the XS650 clutch case. 2 1/2 finger operation. Still going strong at the finish line.

At Schopfheim. Spring. The long straight climb from the start. Over 250m he left the stronger 1000cc machines 30m behind. Bet that felt good.



2 .. Vincent clutch

Vincent clutch



3 .. fits inside the XS650 clutch case ... hub and basket here

fits inside the XS650 clutch case … hub and basket here



4 .. plus plates

plus plates



5 .. and pressure plate

and pressure plate



5 .. and pressure plate

and pressure plate



6 .. pull mechanism

pull mechanism



7 .. Capped



I know much of this appeared here, but I like this product so much it deserves it’s own post.

Should anyone have interest Hartmut can be contacted here. Dont worry about the site being in German. Hartmut has no problems with English.

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