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Here I wish simply to present the world of XS650 as I see it…it isn’t gospel and with your help can be improved. Please add corrections, suggestions and criticisms. I have a large collection of XS650 related photos stored in my photobucket account I use for reference-these I originally started collecting for my own learning curves without realising what a huge undertaking it was going to be, nor did I keep a record of the sources of those that aren’t my originals, all collected from the public domain. If you recognise any that you can show me the source of let me know so I can link to it

This isn’t intended as a commercial thing. I’m not trying to sell you anything. Nor will I push you. I have no desire to be in your face.

I am attempting to offer my insights in the hope you will share yours.



Posted December 28, 2010 by xscafe

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  1. Hi Vern,
    just got myself a TX750 basket case and you had a lot of info on them and now I can’t find it on he site. Can you help me with this or is it all gone when you got/had to change things. You can reply to my direct email promctun@bigpond.net.au or here. And I have just had another batch of rephase pins made for the XS650, thanks Daryl.

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