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XS650: Halloween   1 comment

Halloween isn’t traditionally a German thing. Of course, like most societies, there is a harvest festival. Erntenfest. A time for rural communities to enjoy a little time with their families.

Not far from here are the ruins of Burg Frankenstein. Odenwald. With a name like that, a perfect place to enjoy Halloweeen. Celebration in the North American sense. Adopted in the best of spirit from the US soldiers stationed here over the last few decades.


1 .. Burg Frankenstein

Burg Frankenstein (ca. 1240) … ruins


The night partying  is renown. Full-on. Sunday afternoons a watered-down version for kids. This year restricted to min 7 yo. We enjoy this. My son and I. Off we went.


2 .. on the right path

on the right path



3 .. this year with a fresh dusting of snow

this year with a fresh dusting of snow



4 .. howling in the wind

howling in the wind



5 .. Cemetery




6 .. just clowning around

just clowning around



7 .. … and friend

and friend



8 .. who's that trittrotting across my bridge

who’s that trittrotting across my bridge



9 .. Tadtroll




11 .. just hanging around

just hanging around



12 .. bed n brekkie

bed n brekkie


Looking forward to when he’s old enough for the night shows. Only 8 years to go!

And, hattip Rex …


13 .. dont ya just hate that!

dont ya just hate that!


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XS650: Finned Tappet Covers   Leave a comment

Picked up a set of these the other day. Nice. Sand Cast.


A1 .. finned tappet covers

finned tappet covers


Found on

Look good mounted.


A2 .. finned tappet covers

cast fins – mounted quickly


A3 .. front left

front left


2 of these weren’t machined to tolerance. Needed fitting.

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