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XS650: Distinguished Gentlemans’ Ride II   Leave a comment

The day has come and gone. Again. The fun started before i went to bed. New Zealand time is 12 hours in front of Germany.

We met outside St Paul’s Church. Frankfurt/M. 10.00 am. Ready to leave around 11.00am.

the gathering


Here is a selection of the rides out today. It was great to see so many attend.


kool Norton – made me wish mine was here


CX Honda


top cat – nice detailing


very tasty Guzzi




a gaggle of Triumphs




a trip down memory lane


far east 250cc beastie – very quiet


XS650 cafe


nicely finished beemer


kool little kwaka rat


Kawa Estrella


W650 – sweet machine


another kool Kwaka


oops – who dun dat?


dressed to kill


suit and hairy chin


the SR – only sidecar out today


we had the fountain outside the old opera house ring-fenced


wash day? … i think not


Was a good day out … almost too many bikes to keep track of … not enough time to really meet everyone … you never know when you will meet again.

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XS650: EGT 2014, Weiswampach, Luxembourg   Leave a comment

Last stammtisch I was asked whether I was going to the EGT?


Ahso … Euro-Gespann-Treffen!

European Sidecar Meet


EGT poster


S’posed to be the biggest in Europe. Asked the boy (8) if he was interested – ‘If it’s not wet’

Meant a little maintenance. Chain set, Oil n filter, rear tyre, clutch pack, kickstart: spring, ratchet, guide, stopper and oil-seal, cleaned last winter’s salt rust off the forks and sidecar frame, checked the brakes, lube, packed a tool-kit … clutch made a big difference

He had football-school til 14.00 … left about 16.30’ish … took a long-motorway-short-cut around Mainz – bad choice! … STAU … big single, aircooled – oil temp rose, clutch didn’t react well … got a bit better rolling over the Hunsrück, across the Mosel, quickly through the Eifel, spanned the Kyll and over into Luxembourg

As soon as we arrived the football disappeared. Reappeared once the tent was up. Hungry. And it rained.


looking down over the camp … between the trees is a lake … more       camping on the other side and to the left .. 900++ sidecars, around 1700 people


‘the football’ in motion … wheelchair friendly access around the lake and up to the main tent


‘The football’ was constantly on the go

Plenty of getting together and talking, looking but I missed some organised activities, tours, music etc … maybe I just blinked … anyway we took off on our own (with ball), exploring … rained … had forgottten my rainpants-at home … took shelter in a wonderful old-time hardware store, the type that has pretty much everything (except metal cups) – got a cool livestock medicinal syringe for fork-oil level adjustment and a pair of waterproof overpants

Prizegiving on Saturday night. Oldest rider .. 88y, Youngest rider .. 17y, Longest ride .. from Sweden (around 1700km each way)


cool tent


beware – quicksand


us, hiding from the rain


schwenker … flexibly mounted sidecar … bike rides similar to a solo machine


trad-  triumph ‘n watsonian GP


triumph/ Zero … nice pair


triumph rally


guzzi and … and … (also a ‘schwenker’ … can be separated in 5 minutes … no self-respecting ‘hollander’ would be seen without his trailer)


dogs on tour


guzzi, watsonian ‘n house … mmm, dont snails and tortoises bring their own houses? … the germans here would also say ‘the hollanders’ too (most caravans here have NL plates)


hot guzzi


zeus … rear transverse peugeot 206 S16 4 cyl 2 ltr engine


honda … from the island


another from across the water


eyecatching honda and what looks like a Stoye replica (?)




W650 ‘n russian ural sidecar


beemer ‘n steib




Just a taste of what was to be seen

Maybe with an XS Gespann next year

And a good part of the way home – it rained. Of course

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