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XS650: 79 XS650F/SF Tour and Chrome   1 comment

From the Accessories and Parts Book. 1979.


79 XS650F Tour and Chrome


79 XS650F Tour and Chrome


79 XS650SF Tour and Chrome


79 XS650SF Tour and Chrome





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XS650: Sidecross   Leave a comment

I’m a big fan of sidecross. Motocross with a sidecar. As a youngster (not sure if I have memories of this or if it’s just wishful thinking) I raced amateur motocross. Later I raced speedway and street meets with a kneeler. Branched out into sidecross and even filled-in while living in Canada, ice racing.

Here, I follow the Veteranen Cup. Sidecross for twin-rearshock, aircooled, 2/4 stroke machines, pre 1984 up to 1000cc and min 250kg. Monkey must be at least 16yo and riders age must fit with the spirit of the race.

I’ve been working on one of my best mates. Trying to convince him to become actively involved. I have most of the kit. We both qualify as riders. All 7 of the races are easily reached from here.

Last Saturday my son and I rode the sidecar up to Schotten for the 25th Classic Grand-Prix – Classic solo and sidecar racing. Always a great weekend getting close to bikes you can drool about.

On Sunday my mate and I rode out to Laubuseschbach for the 5th leg of the Veteranen Cup – was a fun day, He’s hooked now, Poor bastard.

Most sidecars in this class are 2 cylinder units using the XS650 power-plant and WASP or EML frames. This year there are other Yams on offer. An XT and a TR1. Some 4 cylinder Hondas, a CZ, a Norton, 4 BMWs and 2 EML Jumbo powered units (2 cylinder 2 strokes (air or water cooled, 1000 and 800cc) developed by EML specifically for sidecross-can easily get over 100hp).


1984 EML Jumbo – air-cooled 1000cc twin cylinder 2 stroke


EML Jumbo water-cooled Sidecross motor


Unfortunately the batteries in my camera were flat after Schottenring and I didn’t have any spares with me. Hopefully better luck next month in Hennweiler.

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XS650: Yamaha Posters   Leave a comment

Picked up these cool posters. 1988. Dealer issue. A3.

Mike LaRocco 1st. Mike Jones 2nd. At Pontiac. Box-stock YZ125.


Kevin Magee. Jarama Spain. GP. 500cc class. YZR500


John Kocinski . Alan Carter . 1st 2nd. Daytona Castrol 250cc GP. TZ250




Advertising? Sure. And a little bit of history.

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XS650: Chappell Bros Stout 33 Boardtracker   Leave a comment

Had my eye on this for a while. Chappell Bros.

“Stout 33 is extremely nimble, as light as a dirt bike, and is an absolute blast to ride. The name Stout 33, and its bronze and cream color pallet were inspired by a pint of dark beer with a frothy head.”
– chris chappell


Stout 33 … Chappel Customs


basis – 82 Heritage Special … hmmm, not much left


bird’s eye


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XS650: Ads 80, 81 and 82   2 comments

when you know how they’re built … the proverbial ‘brick shit house’

1980 2 page spread Special … US magazine

1980 Special ad … lhs

1980 Special ad … rhs

1980 Special II ad … US magazine

1980 Special II ad … US magazine

yamaha belt buckle

1981 Special II ad … US magazine

1982 US Custom/XS650SE ad from a British magazine … ??wonder what she looks like now??

82 Heritage sale ad from Playboy

82 .. US magazine

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XS650: Evil Empire Studio   Leave a comment

I don’t have many vices. Coffee is one. Bikes another. Together combined – Cafe Racer. Every now and then one stands out. Head n Shoulders. Evil Empire Studio.

evil empire studio

built from stuff laying around

curves – viewed from the best side

black is boring and red is too

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XS650: Jawa 350/360 and Sidecar   Leave a comment

JAWA 350-360, sidecar VELOREX 560 and trailer PAV 41

JAWA 350-360, VELOREX 560 sidecar, kool PAV 41 trailer

I’m fitting a Velorex sidecar (562) to an XS650 so I can take my son to school when he starts later this year. Velorex and Jawa are, at least in the eastern bloc an old married couple.

Although the Velorex is light, fibreglass, I personally think the Jawa, 18 kW (24.5 hp) @ 5500 rpm, a little underpowered. Jawas are still made in the Czech Republic (ex Czechoslovakia). Twin cylinder. 2 stroke.

Velorex 562

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