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XS650: XS1 Yoshida   Leave a comment

Found this cool pic a few years ago. Thought “Tasty resto”.


1 .. XS1 ...Kool Green

XS1 …Kool Green


Was followed by this …


2 .. here, the penny dropped ...

here, the penny dropped …


Respect. Nicely detailed. However certain things are not easily replicable.

Here is the build thread. And more pics. He is quite passionate. Here n here/here. Here

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XS650: Models   Leave a comment

There have always been models around. Some even have curves. Like those of our beloved Yamaha.


1 .. if this was a horse not even the dogs would get a decent feed

if this was a horse not even the dogs would get a decent feed


A couple I haven’t seen before….


2 .. XS1



3 .. XS1



Diecast. 460g. 145/77/61mm.


4 .. XS1 ... Red Baron

XS1 … Red Baron



5 .. XS1



Apparently a Japanese dealer, RedBaron, gave these away when you bought a new bike from them…believe it or not…???

Other stuff too.


6 .. ... hasegawa XS1 with sidecar 1/10 ...

… hasegawa XS1 with sidecar 1/10 …



7 .. ... minicraft XS2 with sidecar 1/10 ...

… minicraft XS2 with sidecar 1/10 …



8 .. ... hasegawa XS1 1/10 ...

… hasegawa XS1 1/10 …


9 .. ... dinapet 1/26 ...

… dinapet 1/26 …



10 .. yonezawa ... 1/24 die cast

yonezawa … 1/24 die cast

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XS650: Model, Year, Model code, Engine Number   Leave a comment

I made this list up some years ago. This version is arranged in Model Code numeric sequence. This code is found on the steering stem ID/VIN plate and Registration Papers. This is not necessarily the same as the first 3 places of the Engine Number.


XS-B            75-76                 533                        447-500101

I’m sure it’s not complete. May include errors. If you have a machine with a model code not listed here let me know.


… by model code – page 01


… model codes – page 02


Or here listed by Engine Number.

… by engine number – page 01


by engine number – page 02


As you can see, there are questions. (???)

… my original tables included these model code/engine number combinations … they are not however confirmed by Yamaha … if you have a machine covered by one of these please let me know and I will reinclude it in the above tables


Have a Model Code that’s not listed here? Let me know.

I wish to get an idea of production runs. The engine numbers in the above tables are arranged so … 447-300101 to (400000). I have the start number for each model. Yamaha have given the absolute end number-these are in brackets. Not necessarily the real end number. Where I know this I have entered it without brackets … 2F0-000101 to 006141. The information is from Yamaha Publication #12100-100E1.

I’m looking for approximate end numbers. If you want you could leave me your model and engine number. No Name. No address. When left in the comment box below no one will see it.