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XS650: Finned Tappet Covers   Leave a comment

Picked up a set of these the other day. Nice. Sand Cast.

finned tappet covers

Found on

Look good mounted.

cast fins – mounted quickly

front left

2 of these weren’t machined to tolerance. Needed fitting.


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XS650: Fork Co Timing Covers   Leave a comment

ForkCo. Japan. Nice timing covers. Black or Plain. Hand cast. Fins are designed to match the engine.

plain alu


XS black

650 plain

Make some tasty oil pump covers for the SR500 too.

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XS650: The Greensand Foundry   Leave a comment

the greensand logo


A while ago I picked some rather tasty finned covers up from The Greensand Foundry. Look good on the XS.

They’ve been busy lately. Alongside single carb manifolds they’ve extended their catalogue.


more on offer


iron cross generator cover


iron cross points … celtic pentagram generator cover


celtic pentagram generator cover


pentagram cover


pentagram generator and finned points


generator cover


13 generator cover


yamaha tuning forks


and for the points cover too


super sport points and finned clutch covers


super sport points covers


XS points and finned clutch/oil


XS points covers


email at:

fleabay at: hardtail28-2008

These are cast. In his small workshop. A one man band.




getting ready








backyard industry … literally … space is tight


single carb manifold


amal mounted


in frame … here with no air filter … am sure I have a pic with filter-cant find it


Contact details:

email at:

fleabay at: hardtail28-2008

  • click on: ‘Angebotene artikel’ or ‘Items for sale’ … found in the profile box where the seller can post his photo if desired.

XS650: Finned Covers   2 comments

I treated myself to some bling. Bike bling. Bright, shiny and finned. For the generator cover insert, points cover and atu cover. They kind of but not quite match the finned cover I already had for the push side oil filter.

There is a major difference aside from the fin size and density. The oil filter cover is milled from a billet whereas the others are cast. The bloke calls himself The Greensand Foundry Engineering and Fabrications. Hails from the Emerald Isles.

The technique is as old as the hills. Green sand casting. Burt Munroe used similar techniques to build the pistons etc for his record breaking Indian. Backyard engineering at its best. There is a wealth of information on this if youre interested. At your fingertips. Literally. Search engine of your choice. Just remember it gets hot. There are noxious gases. Metal shrinks as it cools. And you must be able to remove your pattern without destroying your mould.

generator cover insert


and the fins


points and atu cover..outside


points and atu cover inside


the set including the oil filter cover


points cover fitted


generator cover insert fitted


motor from the left


the programme


A set of tappet covers to match would be nice.

Newly added to the range … you provide a good case …

clutch cover and oil filter finned


fleabay at: hardtail28-2008

or email here …

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XS650: VAM   Leave a comment

Back in the 80’s VAM was one of the leading french sidecross tuners. Produced some cool trick gear. Original 750, 880, 1000cc big bore kits. RHS engine case complete with fittings for remote oil filter. Possibility for rh pull clutch. Access for clutch without removing whole cover. LH generator case. Tappet covers……

heidens 750cc big bore kit is a replica of this


clutch side case, with option for pull clutch and remote oil cooler…VAM big bore..tappet covers..


generator side case…from the dutch XS club


motor, VAM fitted…mounted in sidecrosser…with rh shift, pull clutch and remote cooler


rhs case … clutch, oil pump mount


clutch cover … 82/84 catalogue


Fred, from France has obtained the original castings I believe. Intends a production run. Needs a minimum of 10 pieces. When? No idea.

I would be interested in playing with a RH clutch case. If you want more info I have a phone number and an email address. Fred speaks French. Have no idea if he speaks English or German.

email: …