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XS650: Tappet Covers   Leave a comment

Was ratting round in my spares shelves/boxes. Found a 3-bolt tappet cover with slots instead of bolt holes – wtf?

Then found three more

Ah so! Early XS1 covers. No O-ring grooves. Gasket pure.

tappet covers … early 3-bolt, slotted, gasket, … 4-bolt decompression cover, XS2, holes, gasket … 3- and 4-bolt cover, holes, gasket … 3- and 4-bolt covers with holes and an o-ring groove cut – 1 set alu, 1 set chromed


here you can see the flat gasket faces and the grooved o-ring covers


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XS650: Belt Buckle   Leave a comment

Another for those with everything they dont really need.

Stainless steel clasp.  For 5cm belt. Valve inspection cover: – Polished. Removable. Reuseable.

Belt Buckle


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XS650: Finned Tappet Covers   Leave a comment

Picked up a set of these the other day. Nice. Sand Cast.

finned tappet covers

Found on

Look good mounted.

cast fins – mounted quickly

front left

2 of these weren’t machined to tolerance. Needed fitting.

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XS650: Fork Co Timing Covers   Leave a comment

ForkCo. Japan. Nice timing covers. Black or Plain. Hand cast. Fins are designed to match the engine.

plain alu


XS black

650 plain

Make some tasty oil pump covers for the SR500 too.

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XS650: Molded Tappet Covers   Leave a comment

Found this at ADVRider. Nice build. With molded bronze tappet covers.

GareBear at advrider

Just another tidy hardtail? It’s all in the detail.

Check this out.

tappet cover – bronze

left exhaust tappet cover

alternator cover

mold – resin bonded sand – made at the local foundry

the other side


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XS650: Clear Tappet Covers?   Leave a comment

Like to watch?  Got a thing about control?

leo speed shop at play, feb 2011 … clear tappet covers … take a look …

… four eyes !! …


… here’s looking at you …


… even has eyes in the back of its head …


… think it’ll take LED backlighting ?? …


… do the ayes have it ?? …


Have they held up to the heat ?

   … the vibration ?
… the oil ?
… discolouration ?
… opacity ?

Wonder what the story is??

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XS650: The Greensand Foundry   Leave a comment

the greensand logo


A while ago I picked some rather tasty finned covers up from The Greensand Foundry. Look good on the XS.

They’ve been busy lately. Alongside single carb manifolds they’ve extended their catalogue.


more on offer


iron cross generator cover


iron cross points … celtic pentagram generator cover


celtic pentagram generator cover


pentagram cover


pentagram generator and finned points


generator cover


13 generator cover


yamaha tuning forks


and for the points cover too


super sport points and finned clutch covers


super sport points covers


XS points and finned clutch/oil


XS points covers


email at:

fleabay at: hardtail28-2008

These are cast. In his small workshop. A one man band.




getting ready








backyard industry … literally … space is tight


single carb manifold


amal mounted


in frame … here with no air filter … am sure I have a pic with filter-cant find it


Contact details:

email at:

fleabay at: hardtail28-2008

  • click on: ‘Angebotene artikel’ or ‘Items for sale’ … found in the profile box where the seller can post his photo if desired.