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XS650: Reserve Lighting Device   Leave a comment

Back in the days when Tech was a gimmick rather than a means of financial theft Yamaha designed and installed the Reserve Lighting Device (in the wiring diagrams it’s called the Reserve Lighting Unit). It sensed the resistance across the headlight’s lo-beam filament. If the light blew it automatically switched the headlight circuitry to light up the hi-beam and lit up a white idiot light in the instrument panel.

As if you wont notice your light has failed.

The device sits under the seat just behind the battery box. Early ones were black. Later were grey.

They are easy to remove. Pull the plug and throw the thing away. Wire a bridge between the Blue/Black and the Blue/Yellow wires.



rlu – early black .. later grey



RLU – under seat, behind battery box


rlu - tools

remove the RLU … build a bridge, i used a spare connector block, crimped female spade fittings on a short length of wire and inserted them into the connector so that L/B to L/Y (blue/black and blue/yellow) were bridged



bridge … L/B to L/Y … blue/black to blue/yellow



bridge in place




XS650: Carb Heaven   Leave a comment

1:1 – In the beginning was created the heaven and the earth.
1:2 – And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters.
1:3 – Calling, ‘Let there be light’: and there was light.
And not before time too! Sonar never really worked for me. No fun riding the XS by white cane.
Ever wondered where carbs go when they die.
Carb Heaven? Sonic bubble bath. Soda spa. Queen Joan Jetts.
Or Carb Hell? Oxidation soup. Vacuum Patches.  Dysync city.
Function change? Why not …
  • dual eyes … halogen

halogen eyes


simple really


coloured and polished variations


Where are you  going to hide all the spaghetti?

Mount as you wish.

  • stop/tail … led


ol led eye


here’s lookin at you … led


Not really my cupoftea, but (?) … rcknrllrog on fleabay

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XS650: LED Blinkers   Leave a comment

Got given a set of LED Blinkers a while ago. They sat around a bit. The idea was to reduce the load on my mates standard wiring XS. The low draw meant the flasher relay wasn’t registering them. He wanted to insert inline resistors. Increases the line load.  Defeats the purpose of using LEDs.

Had a Kellermann load independent flasher unit sitting on the shelf. Worked fine. Can also get generic models. 3 pole or 2.

generic 2 pole load independent flasher unit


led control lights … blinker is left


Did have to sort another problem though. The control light. Also LED. System wouldn’t work until Left and Right were separated by diodes. 1N4001- 1N4007.

  • 1.0 Amp forward current Silicon S general purpose diode,
  • Low forward voltage drop (ca 0.7V).
  • High surge current capability rectifier.
  • The only difference is in the maximum repetitive reverse voltage …  1N4001 has a maximum repetitive reverse voltage of 50 V, 1N4007  has 1000V.
  • 1 stands for number of semiconductor junctions. N means it’s a semiconductor diode


how I wired them in … the diodes (1N4001/4002/…/4007) separate the signal to the control light – works for LED and non-LED circuits


Your electronics bloke should be able to help. The end with the stripe is the output side.

The self-cancelling function doesn’t work anymore. Disconnect the yellow/green wire.

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