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XS650: Virus   2 comments

This site is secure and virus-free.

BUT …..

Lately someone has been accessing my blog through blah.

This is a rootkit and backdoor Trojan.

Once in your computer it is configured to start automatically when you start Windows. Once started, the program will perform a scan, and when done, it lists a variety of legitimate or nonexistent files as infections that ‘cannot be removed’ unless you first purchase the ‘relevant’ program.

You will be flooded  with popups and fake system notifications,  presenting  false infection messages and providing falsified system scan reports marking such files as explorer.exe and alg.exe as serious threats.

They will  execute a “scan” of your computer. This so-called “scan” will always have the same result: that your computer is heavily infected and compromised by malware and spyware.

It is very critical to remove this and all its components.

Some other problems

  • loss of personal data  – files may be deleted
  • browser settings will be changed
  • programme can connect itself to web and download more infections
  • your computer will be slowed down
  • this programme uses your Internet bandwith – slower connection
  • some other legitimate programmes will not work properly
  • will follow your online actions
  • will copy your personal information

Do yourself, and me, a favour. GET IT OFF YOUR COMPUTER.

A simple search will show you how to do this.

If you dont you will only annoy yourself. Not only will you not get the search results you want, it will also slow down your computer and begin to piss other people off.

Have a good day.

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