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XS650: Jawa 350/360 and Sidecar   Leave a comment

JAWA 350-360, sidecar VELOREX 560 and trailer PAV 41

JAWA 350-360, VELOREX 560 sidecar, kool PAV 41 trailer

I’m fitting a Velorex sidecar (562) to an XS650 so I can take my son to school when he starts later this year. Velorex and Jawa are, at least in the eastern bloc an old married couple.

Although the Velorex is light, fibreglass, I personally think the Jawa, 18 kW (24.5 hp) @ 5500 rpm, a little underpowered. Jawas are still made in the Czech Republic (ex Czechoslovakia). Twin cylinder. 2 stroke.

Velorex 562


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XS650: 80 XS650G and SG Wiring Diagrams   Leave a comment

80 XS650G wiring

Click twice on images to enlarge.

80 XS650SG wiring

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XS650: 79 XS650SF/2F Wiring Diagrams   Leave a comment

79 XS650SF/2F wiring

Click twice on images to expand

79 XS650SF/2F wiring key

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XS650: XS1B Postcard   1 comment

Kool postcard from way back.

XS1B Postcard

flummerfelts … open day … wonder if they still exist – couldnt find a listing

It’s a better machine

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XS650: Ronneburg   Leave a comment

Easter Saturday we visited the Ronneburg Easter Market. Medieval style role-play. An old castle. Between Hanau and Gelnhausen. Celebrating the loss of my son’s first tooth.


A great day out. Was coldish. And Rainish. The usual throng was missing. Most people stayed away. At least until we were leaving. And YES I did shower beforehand.


these 2 were taking the piss out of my son - I was amused that they didnt realise he had noticed and was doing the same to them

sword training

our trophy - used to pierce or dent armour and restrict a knights movement ... nice polynesian wood drum on the floor - no rugby league game should be without some of these beating the rhythm

the business end

End of April. Walpurgis Night. We will take some of our Japanese friends to the Freienfelser Ritterspiele. The largest Medieval Games in Germany.

Freienfelser Ritterspiele

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XS650: Parts Failure   Leave a comment

Found this publication while rummaging around in my boxes of shit. I love these boxes. You never really know just what you will find. Auctions and fleamarkets rule!

Parts Failure ID Guide


parts failure id guide

table of content



Parts Failure ID Guide


  • ”Includes explanations and possible reasons for failure…
  • These failures are not necessarily the only conditions that could cause the failure…
  • Make sure to consider all factors concerning the operation and maintenance of the machine when analysing failures…
  • Most of the shown failures are secondary…
  • Some other problem may have caused them…
  • Be sure to find the original problem area during diagnosis…
  • Not all causes are identified here”

If following the above link, look for the 7 sub-albums to the right.

XS650: Finnish Beauty   Leave a comment

Over the years I’ve enjoyed many a dalliance with Finnish flowers. Today I use a Nokia. Enjoy regular saunas. Listen to Apocalyptica ( heavy metal cello) and Finntroll (folkmetal). A beautiful country. In all seasons.

Exxo, Finland ... 'Beacher'

Exxo Metzola (and mate Joakim) from Turku. Finland. Entered his XS650 “Beacher” in Sweden’s Norrtälje Custombike Show 2011. Took out 3rd Chopper. Building almost everything themselves. Including the Egli-style tank-in frame. Sweet!!

“And yes, it is rideable ;-)”

... and friend

Joakim at Norrtälja 2009.

a Joakim Liewendahl special ... 'Soul of Pagan' Forssa Bike Expo 2009, Finland .. 2nd Trike

  • “.. started almost 3 years ago – “Soul of Pagan”- The name describes Finnish native themes and Kalevala – the National Epic. The idea came from a t-shirt I saw at Helsinki International Airport.…
  • Received 2nd prize. Trike. Norrtälje Custom Bike Show 2009, Sweden, which is my favourite show.
  • The trike has an Ultima 113″ motor + 5-speed tranny with suicide/jockey.
  • It has a Weber IDF downdraft carb, which still needs some jetting/adjustment, but it rocks 🙂
  • Don´t ask me how this bike handles and how it rides – it´s like rodeo! But fun.
  • … took almost 3 years to build this trike. Everything except the motor, carb, tranny and belt drive is made by me.
  • Handlebars are “Deerhangers” – my own design.”

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