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XS650: Troubleshooting Manual   Leave a comment

If you have ended here and not where you want to go – VOU HAVE A VIRUS ON YOUR COMPUTER … do us both a favour and scroll back to my blog post Virus. Please read this then do a search as suggested.

Yamaha Troubleshooting Manual

In 3 languages. English. French. German

Troubleshooting Manual

Yamaha Troubleshooting Manual

Trouble Shooting

– hopefully this can prove organic … comments and suggestions – correcting, extending
– an engine is basically an air pump – 4 stroke …  suck, squeeze, bang, blow
– add fuel, timing and spark = internal combustion engine
– break this system anywhere and you wont get much action

– so your engine turns over ? wont start
– what have you done ? what have you changed, altered, played with, unfixed ?
– air ? fuel ? spark ? …all in the correct ammount and moment ?
– don’t panic…turn the key and petcock/s off, step back …take a breath-deep, go do something you really enjoy for a couple of minutes…

  •  fuses ? kill switch ?
  •  battery ? 12.6 V ? put it on charge, brushes ? check charging system
  • power to coil/s ? points spark ? plugs ?
  • filters ?
  • fuel to carbs ? bowls ? cylinders ? floods ?
  • compression ? leak-down test ?


  •    adjust your cam chain … can readjust warm once you get her running
  •       set your tappets
  •       set your points if you have them .. plugs


– once you get this far she should be at least spitting and farting enough to attempt setting your carbs …

  • if she wont idle, look for air leaks ? atu ? massage her pilot jet circuits
  • once you can get idle, do the idle speed screw/pilot air screw dance
  • smooth transition through to full throttle ?
  • synchronise

Electric Troubleshooting

Carburetor Troubleshooting

Starting System Troubleshooting

Engine Troubleshooting

Oil Troubleshooting

Clutch and Gearbox Troubleshooting

Frame Troubleshooting


XS650: Little fault, Big problem   Leave a comment

Steffi again. Reported, again on the German forum, that the plug found on the end of the shift shaft is often missing. Falls out.


missing shift shaft plug


Means the oil meant for the gearbox bearing and gears simply runs back into the sump. NOT good. Easily overlooked. Until too late. Many have subsequently doublechecked. To their dismay. Or relief.


disc 5.0mm x 3.0mm … sits in recess


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XS650: Gearbox/Gear Spacing   Leave a comment

This was interesting. So I’ve given it it’s own post. Yeah, I know. It’s in the previous post too. However, if you’re doing a search, you will most likely miss it.


259/1 … gearbox spacing


259/2 … transmission axles and gear spacing


259/3 … spacing, gearbox


259/4 … spacing, transmission axles and gears


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XS650: Gears   Leave a comment

My mate Happy dropped by before xmas. He’s cool. Rough around the edges. What you see is what you get. My type of person. He had a problem. Definitely wasn’t happy.

5th gear. Need I say more.

I haven’t been in an XS gearbox for a while. Happy, never. The blinded leading the blind.

Actually it’s really no big deal. The hardest parts are removing the engine and splitting the cases. A rotatable engine stand helps.


maybe something like this from micha


You need to turn the motor over. Remove the lower case. There are a few hidden bolts and a given pattern for loosening and tightening the case bolts.


lower case fixing…sequence…from hajo pahl


This great diagram comes from Hajo Pahls book Der XS650 Motor. Unfortunately not in english. Maybe if people contact him and show interest he will rethink.

Now Happy actually had 2 problems. He knew 5th was kaputt. Had gone to ebay and found a new gear. NOS. Didn’t fit properly. Why? It was the wrong 5th gear.Things changed around 77 or so. The splines were changed on both gears and shafts. Apparently so was the hardening-later shift forks seem to wear a little faster-from harder gears? This was of course all documented by Yamaha


’77 tech bull # M7-023


page 2


Luckily we found a used gear in a box. So far it’s holding out. Just a matter of time.

Use that old Triple Bond when mating surfaces. If you can find it. It runs. Not too much. The new silicone based formula just doesn’t do it for me.

Torque by memory is around 21 Nm or 15.0 ft lbs. 8mm.

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XS650: Shift Shaft Bearing Supported?   Leave a comment

I posted this picture of Ivan’s the other day

Ivan’s Kickstart Support

and it got me to thinking…if he is looking for stronger and more positive kickstart operation could this be adapted for gear shifting? There is enough room. All the way through. For both right and left foot shift operation.

not much room here…could replace with a bearing seat, welded and machined, or machine screwed into those 2 little round castings


right foot shift…space enough for exstra support


I’ve seen shift shaft supports before.


bearing shift shaft support…R6


They are supposed to transfer radial forces to the bearing, giving a lighter and more positive shift.

Worth a try?

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