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XS650: Amsterdam   Leave a comment

Arranged a weekend in Amsterdam. With a friend. Flying Lufthansa.

Come the day, all flights cancelled. Pilots on strike.

Naya – figure an autobahn rest point would be as good as anywhere to get a glimpse of the solar eclipse. About 75%. Mostly hidden away behind Westerwald fog.


1 .. end of solar eclipse

catching the end of the solar eclipse – poking through the fog


The City of Cycles is a wonderful explore. In any frame of mind. Great cycle lane network. Unfortunately, rules allow scooters up to 49cc and invalid vehicles to compete for space.


2 .. bicycle lane

cycle lane – these scooters are far too fast and uncomfortably reckless for my taste – unless i am riding one



3 .. canta LX micro car

canta LX micro car – from waaijenberg – invalid registered car – honda 160cc/200cc motor … 1.10m wide, 2.30m long, 1.65m high


A city like this deserves ‘cycle only’ status. ?? ‘Kool factor ‘ exceptions ??



4 .. skoda 1201

super kool late 50’s skoda 1201



5 .. weld

nice finishing touches – derust, weld in patch, clean, clear lacquer



6 .. classic punk

classic punk


8 .. GN250 Bobber

sweet GN250 Bobber with oil leaks to make my norton proud



9 .. GN250 tidy lines

tidy lines



10 .. GN250 lean n mean

lean n mean


11 .. vespa carrier

fold-down luggage-rack … practical accessory … ja ja – like tattoos, one leads to another and before you know it … bobbed vespa??



12 .. sidecar cycle solex

sidecar cycle solex


Amsterdam. City of cycles, and 4 stroke Yamahas.


13 .. canal rubbish

canals provide class ambient – rubbish traps like this arent necessary


I took a closer pic without studying the actual site – wanted rather to come back, later, detached, to an image and see what (major) brands i could find – the usual suspects


14 .. branding


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