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XS650: XS650D Canada Parts List   Leave a comment

XS650D Canada Parts Manual

XS650D Canada parts list

XS650D Canada parts list


XS650D Canada Parts Manual

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XS650: XS650C Parts List   Leave a comment

Parts List from 1976. XS650C.

XS650C Parts List

XS650C Parts List … 1976


XS650C Parts List

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XS650: TX650A, XS650B Parts lists   Leave a comment

Another Parts List combi.

TX650A Parts List. XS650B Parts Supplement.

Machines are basically the same.

  • Different fork dampeners
  • Headlight body/holders . Tank . Sidecovers – Decals/Paint/Emblems
  • Handlebar grips
  • Cylinder head part nr was also changed … 306-11110-04

TX650A and XS650B Parts Lists   (’74, ’75)

74 TX650A and XS650B Parts Lists


TX650A and XS650B Parts Lists   (’74, ’75)




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XS650: XS1, XS1F, XS2, TX650 Parts Lists   Leave a comment

XS1, XS1F, XS2 Parts Lists

XS1-XS1F-XS2 Parts Lists  (’70, ’71, ’72)

TX650 Parts List   (’73)


XS1, XS1F and XS2 Parts Lists


XS1-XS1F-XS2 Parts Lists   (’70, ’71, ’72)

TX650 Parts List   (’73)

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XS650: Manuals   Leave a comment

When I first started playing with these ladies I went out and bought myself a manual – Haynes. Made my eyes sore. Print far too fine. Badly printed on paper so absorbant, it spread. Cheap n nasty.

I have others.  Clymer, Chilton, Clinton, some in Dutch, some German. None  particularly good. Many not even coming close.  I like manuals – Basics aren’t a problem –  Every machine has its idiosyncracies tho’.  I know I do (and no manual).


… … HaJo Pahl … vibrates even in print


In truth I guess the best manual I’ve found isn’t accessible in english.  Luckily I read German. HaJo Pahl on the XS650 motor:  ‘Der XS650 Motor-Aufbau und Funktion’ . Explains the components as functioning entities. Details the weaknesses and wear points. I translated most of this book for myself, and even spoken to him about publishing an English version but he didnt see the advantage. Schade. Accessible online. In German. Reading only – great pictures.

Now in English.


hj pahl english xs650

… English version, 2017 …


… XS1 – It all started here


Over the years I’ve assembled a collection of original Yamaha Manuals, Supplementary Manuals and Information Booklets. Superior. Mostly great printing. Better quality pictures. Original US versions  are for me better – in English – A4 format.

European versions are in 3 languages. Lower quality reproduction. Smaller.

No preference. I like the last. XS650SJ-SK.


… XS650SJ/SK – the last XS models


Or go here to Yamaha. You can order the original manuals new. How’s that?

The German XS650 site has accessible online a manual for XS650E including later supplements – in english…also found at knucklebuster or


… XS1, XS2, TX650, TX650A Service Manual 1970-74

… XS650B Service Manual 1975

… XS650E Service Manual plus Supplements

… XS650SJ/K Service Manual

Some Parts Manual breakdowns.


More Parts Manuals:












Yamaha Parts also has many parts manuals online..scroll down in the left bar to XS/TX 650 Manuals