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XS650: Pedestrian Slicer   Leave a comment

Don’t get confused with a ‘Cheese Cutter’. That nefarious device constructed by Road Engineers to facilitate our safety as road users.

No. I’m old enough to remember when motorcycles had front number plates. Cool things. Can’t imagine why they were removed. Probably something stupid to do with safety.


fine condiment … from denver, co.


Registration was either stamped into the plate or painted on. Some nigggly voice in my head tells me that ‘Trials’ and ‘Street’ applications required different sized font … 1.75″ and 2.5″ respectively.

Shape. Size. Colour. Material. Design. Painted. Stamped. Engraved. Embossed. Perforated. Simply style. ‘Form n Function’.

2 basic types …

  • cast … look good … watch those modern Indian and Chinese knock-offs. Poorer quality. Brittle.


polished or chromed cast aluminium


painted on numbers etc


cool oldie




contrasting black


brass … ready for shaping


  • blade, flat plate  … you’re only limited by your own lack of imagination here.


weld-on lugs


BCR. Benjie’s Cafe Racer.


from benjis cafe racer


nice fttings


in brass too






blade type


British Customs





triumph … no drill


no drill … stronger, not so vibration prone


NewBonneville No Drill.


looks so


blade type … stamped numbers


… check out Tippers Vintage Plates.


more stamped plates


old japanese bicycle … mt fuji … brass  …  check out the bottle dynamo ”GE Tachometer” apparently ex Fei Ji


nice styling




Paradox Cycles.


paradox cycles


Need to match the curve to the guard. From draggin @ triumphrat. net


use curve finder to get the guard profile


make a pattern … transfer to the slicer


add or remove material to fit




and to finish off … skaere


Hard case link.

Hunt around. Ebay. Swap meets. Junk shops. Make your own.


cheese cutter … dont fuck with them … NSW petition banner

Imagine looking up to see that strung across your flight-path.


XS650: Model, Year, Model code, Engine Number   Leave a comment

I made this list up some years ago. This version is arranged in Model Code numeric sequence. This code is found on the steering stem ID/VIN plate and Registration Papers. This is not necessarily the same as the first 3 places of the Engine Number.


XS-B            75-76                 533                        447-500101

I’m sure it’s not complete. May include errors. If you have a machine with a model code not listed here let me know.


… by model code – page 01


… model codes – page 02


Or here listed by Engine Number.

… by engine number – page 01


by engine number – page 02


As you can see, there are questions. (???)

… my original tables included these model code/engine number combinations … they are not however confirmed by Yamaha … if you have a machine covered by one of these please let me know and I will reinclude it in the above tables


Have a Model Code that’s not listed here? Let me know.

I wish to get an idea of production runs. The engine numbers in the above tables are arranged so … 447-300101 to (400000). I have the start number for each model. Yamaha have given the absolute end number-these are in brackets. Not necessarily the real end number. Where I know this I have entered it without brackets … 2F0-000101 to 006141. The information is from Yamaha Publication #12100-100E1.

I’m looking for approximate end numbers. If you want you could leave me your model and engine number. No Name. No address. When left in the comment box below no one will see it.

XS650: Part Numbers   Leave a comment

Was asked the other day about part numbers. Was there ever a logic behind it. In short. Yes.

1 of 3

2 of 3

3 of 3

One day I might invest in a scanner. Probably not.

Part # 97301-08020 is what?

  • 9…….interchangeable part
  • 73…..type……………………..hex. full thread
  • 0…….material……………….steel
  • 1……..surface treatment..cadmium plated 4T hardness
  • 08…..diameter…M8
  • 020..length……..20mm

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