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Board tracks, loosely based on French velodromes, were popular in the United States in the 20’s and 30’s. Oval courses. Wooden plank surfaces.



top racer Otto Walker,  one of Harley-Davidson’s first factory riders…after ww1 he started wearing a German aviators helmet and goggles when racing


The Coliseum Motordome, LA, California, opened April 8, 1910. Built with 4x2in (100x50mm) boards, banked up to 45°  (Fulford-by-the-Sea and Culver City both claimed 50°+). By 1915 there were a few tracks operating up to 2 miles (3 km). 24 in 1931.



High maintenance costs, perceived and real dangers killed them.


1916 “Big Valve” Excelsior Motorcycle Racer From Wheels Through Time museum…i dont know what this does to you-makes my blood scream


Reminds me of this Opel Sandracer replica  built in Opelwerk Rüsselsheim. I’ve had the luck to ride this-yes, it does go.

opel sand racer replica…1/3-2/3 hp…over 40kmh….DM700 in 1922


The thrills of raw speed, banking, overtaking possibility are still suitably exploited in modern racing.

There have been a few nice replica projects documented over recent years.

A couple of examples are this Cyclone



And this Excelsior

1919 Excelsior replica


which started life as these casings


and this picture


and concepts

like this EFI SR400 Board Tracker from Vicente Design



Recently this trend has appeared across a wide range of bikes. Interesting.

The XS650 hasnt escaped.



from Metalhead Cycles also here

bryan hall from k street cycles


K Street Cycles

fong bros


the Fong Bros



from Falcon Motorcycles

79 SP1000 guzzi


from Adam Nestor

these kiwi indians are pretty cool


Kiwi Indian


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