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Was asked yesterday about sump extensions. Do they exist? Who makes them? Are they effective?

I know of 2 suppliers. Ivan Hoey in Australia advertises his on the Australian XS650 site. Racers Bits. Scroll down.


Ivans sump extension


And Twinsinn in Germany. Go to ‘Shop’ and then to ‘Ölfilter, Ölpumpe…’. Scroll down. Part number Öl042.

from Twinsinn in Germany


This requires removal or repositioning of the side-stand for models later than ’76. But has cooling fins. And is a little deeper. I have one of these in one of mine. The other has a sump plate modified for an auto spin-on filter. An extension would make this too deep.

I also have 2 of these. No idea who makes them. One was on a parts bike. The other in a box of bits I acquired from somewhere.


unknown european producer


I’ve filled this. Takes 200ml. An 8% volume increase. No function loss. Follows the sump plate contour. Fits with the sidestand in place too. Weighs 220g.


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