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XS650: Hydraulic Clutch   Leave a comment

After handling related modifications this, to me, this makes good sense. Self-adjusting. Direct. Simple.

The first ones I saw were Kawasaki GPZ slave cylinders and matching master cylinders. Easy. Cheap. Effective. Means modifying the left hand engine cover. Opening out the hole. Sanding a flat spot on the case outside. Drilling for mount screws. Making an adapter for the push rod. Install. Bleed. Check. Use. A day-no problems.


GPZ900 slave cylinder


I have a unit that bolts directly into the left case. No modifications. Push rod adapter required.


VA (stainless steel) slave cylinder … using tidily small KTM master cylinder … bolts into original case … here it’s test mounted to an old cover that was just hangin around (actually i was about to use the cover as a test mount for a KTM slave cylinder)


slave cylinder … from inside case


setting up a KTM slave cylinder


Or this one. Hidden inside the case.


slave cylinder hidden inside the case … FZR master cylinder


form outside


slave cylinder


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