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Yamaha Paint Formulas. The 60 million dollar question. Why? No idea. These are a closely guarded secret. We have the code. Meaningless without the key.

Best you can do is take a clean sample to a painter with the ‘touch’ or hope he has a great spectrometer. Even then you’re not going to get the layering correct.

Found these some time ago. Not the answer. Just a piece of the puzzle.


1970 Colour Chart

1970 Colour Chart


283-2 Paint codes from 71 service bulletins


colour chart 73 - 1

colour chart 73 – 1


colour chart 73 - 2

colour chart 73 – 2


colour chart 74 - 1

colour chart 74 – 1


colour chart 74 - 2

colour chart 74 – 2





paint general … from 1979 Accessories Catalog


paint 1975


paint 1976


paint 1977


paint 1978


paint 1979


Unfortunately I don’t have any more.

For later models Color-rite claim to have the inside running. Only list from 1986 though.

XS650 paint codes…not recipes

BFB 00J3 Bountiful Blue
BG 00H9 Black Gold
BLR 002J Black Red
BR 0063 Brilliant Red
BRw 0063-/-0046 Brilliant Red/White
BRb 0063-/-0033 Brilliant Red/Black
CBL 002E Cobalt Blue
CBW 00N1 Cinnamon Brown
CDR 004H Cardinal Red
CG 0064 Candy Green
CMR 00E9 Carmine Red
CO 0052 Candy Orange
CSL 0020 Crystal Silver
FBL 00G3 French Blue
FRS 009G Frost Silver
LGM 008J Legato Maroon
MFB 00F5 Metallic Flake Blue
MA 00W2 Macho Maroon
MM 00U8 Maxi Maroon
NMB 00J9 New Midnight Blue
NYB 006G New Yamaha Black
NRR 007J New Ruby Red
PYG 0011 Pearl Yellow Gold
SAB 00R7 Star Black
SBM 00E4 Spanish Burgundy Metallic
SGM 00T4 Spruce Green Metallic
SLD 00Y1 Sapphire Blue
VB 00H7 Vintage Burgundy
VGE 00K2 Vegas Green
YB 0033 Yamaha Black

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