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XS650: Yamaha Posters   Leave a comment

Picked up these cool posters. 1988. Dealer issue. A3.

Mike LaRocco 1st. Mike Jones 2nd. At Pontiac. Box-stock YZ125.


Kevin Magee. Jarama Spain. GP. 500cc class. YZR500


John Kocinski . Alan Carter . 1st 2nd. Daytona Castrol 250cc GP. TZ250




Advertising? Sure. And a little bit of history.

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XS650: TZ250N   Leave a comment

  • Early 80’s
  • GP World Championship
  • TZ250 rulz

Until Honda rolled out the RS250, ’85


1 .. TZ250H



  • 1981
  • TZ250H
  • Mechanically-governed 500cc powervalves. Closed to 8,750 rpm. Fully opened 11,000 rpm. Reliable power
  • Crankcase was split left and right
  • Run backwards
  • Tapped from the center
  • Lower piston speed. More reliable bottom ends
  • Free flowing exhaust gases
  • Mikuni ZC carbs
  • New frame. 6.5 pounds lighter
  • Engine a little more forward
  • Improved rear shock
  • Reduced rake improving the ride
  • Wire wheels on offer


Pushed Kawasaki’s KR250


2 .. 85 ... TZ250N

85 … TZ250N


  • 85
  • TZ250N
  • Reeds too small and heavy
  • Flawed cylinder redesign
  • Bit of a pig
  • Exhaust, Carb kits, A bit of suspension fiddling. None covered poor engine performance

85. Honda’s 70HP RS250. Twin-spar aluminum frame. Rubbed Yamaha’s nose in it

In the 90’s.  YZR/TZ 250. Yamaha had a little success …


3 .. keeping the price right ... and Dotti ... bet she's still doing her thing there at Yamaha Ca

keeping the price right … and Dotti … bet she’s still doing her thing there at Yamaha Ca

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