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XS650: 79 XS650F/SF Tour and Chrome   1 comment

From the Accessories and Parts Book. 1979.


79 XS650F Tour and Chrome


79 XS650F Tour and Chrome


79 XS650SF Tour and Chrome


79 XS650SF Tour and Chrome




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XS650: The Story of O … OW72   Leave a comment

From Cycle World. August 1976.

The story of O … OW72

Yamaha’s secret flat track engine: How and why.

The Story of O … OW72


The story of O … OW72

A nice story. No secrets. Kinda sad.

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XS650: Images   Leave a comment

Got a message from Photobucket telling me my bandwidth is about to be exceeded. Means images that have been linked to can’t be seen until the current subscription-month is finished – new month starts 09 July 2013 – unless I upgrade to a paid pro account.

So I try to buy a months pro subscription as per Photobucket instructions. No deal! Paypal sent me back to Photobucket saying they can’t process Photobucket stuff and I should choose another option. I get this message for all pro options.

This is not a problem with my paypal account as I have used it for other stuff since.

I have transferred many of the pictures from the most popular posts to another image storage provider and reinserted them into their original posts – what a ####ing job!! But there are simply too many.

Not sure what else I can do. The bandwidth will probably be exceeded today or tomorrow. Photobucket payment system is shit – so is their new service. Great fucking business model – well done guys!!

In the short term I guess I will have to accept unseeable images. I have now set my Photobucket account to private in an attempt to slow down the bandwidth use. In the longer term I will continue to transfer the posted images to another storage provider.

Sorry about that folks.

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XS650: Yamaha 650 Twin Club, Nederland, 25th Birthday   1 comment

I kept last weekend free. No distractions. Took off to Balkbrug, Holland. The Netherlands XS650 Club celebrated their 25th birthday. Weather was a little broken. Had booked a bed so no need to carry a tent. A big help.

Took the ‘romantic route’. Stayed more or less clear of the autobahns. Followed the Rhein north to Arnhem. Successfully dodged several heavy showers. Got caught by several more.

stopped under a bridge … hiding from the rain … taking a leak … 1227km on that seat-took me a while to dismount

Had a coffee stop in Zwolle. Pulled over just short of  ‘home’ with blown rear lights. A torch and red lens got me the rest of the way.

happy birthday … thanxs for the foto fred


finally there


welcome … foto also from fred

Lots of nice bikes. Good people.

green XS1 … another foto from fred


yellow XS1B


red/white XS2


kool TX650


More Heritage Specials than I’ve ever seen in 1 place. And a nice mix of modifieds – been seriously considering gettting a second residence here in the Netherlands – no problems getting modifieds street legal … not at all like Germany.

After a great breakfast we headed off to Gramsbergen for the 10th TT Classic Road Races .. 50, 125, 250, 350, 500cc bikes and sidecars from the oldtimer classes. I got sidetracked here and missed the Highland Games program back at the campground. Did manage to find an old-fashioned petrol station that still sold mundane things like light bulbs, fuses and spark plugs.

Also found a few nice solutions …

interesting rack


bobber rack


guard mount – hand grip


as a confirmed sidecar rider i liked this


and yes I did wear my club colours … no naked dash for me


I had a great time. Enjoyed the atmosphere, the bands, the food, the company … bought 5 raffle tickets and walked off with 2 prizes.

To the organisers – Thanxs from me. A job well done!!

All in all I rode 1227km. Got wet and blow dried. More than once.

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XS650: Yamaha Gold Cup, Lakewood Speedway ’72   Leave a comment

Found this old program. 1972.

Some excerpts.

program – lakewood speedway – georgia – 1972


intro – Terry Tiernan



Yamaha Racing Team:

Art Barda – Racing and Safety Development Engineer

Peter Schick – National Racing and Research Manager

Jim Odom, 23yo (#18)

Keith Mashburn, 21yo  (#19)

Kelvin (Kel) Carruthers, 34yo  (#73) RnD Consultant

Kenny Roberts, 20yo  (#80Y)

Howard Lynggard, 21yo  (1971 Novice Class winner)

Pat Evans, 18yo (ACA #2-1970, ACA#1-1971)

Shell Motors – Keith Mashburn #19


XS650 in action.

Shell? – Yes!

King Kenny? – Not yet

(although as at this meet he was sitting 3rd in points (561) behind Gary Scott #64R Triumph (562) and Mark Brelsford #87 HD (632) … Roberts eventually finished his 1st pro season 4th … Brelsford won … Roberts took the title in 73 and 74 with record points both years, finished 2nd behind Gary Scott (HD) in 75 and 3rd in 76 again behind HD-Jay Springsteen and Gary Scott (Triumph) being 1st/2nd)

Racing: Yamaha’s test-bed of safety developments


… motorcycle, power, ecology – balanced harmony – page 1


The enemy is noise. And air pollution. (and I thought ‘noise saved lives’).

Perfect scapegoat? 2 strokes!

page 2


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XS650: Hall of Fame?   Leave a comment

Believe – or not


Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame?

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XS650: Troubleshooting Manual   Leave a comment

If you have ended here and not where you want to go – VOU HAVE A VIRUS ON YOUR COMPUTER … do us both a favour and scroll back to my blog post Virus. Please read this then do a search as suggested.

Yamaha Troubleshooting Manual

In 3 languages. English. French. German


Troubleshooting Manual

Troubleshooting Manual


Yamaha Troubleshooting Manual


Trouble Shooting

– hopefully this can prove organic … comments and suggestions – correcting, extending
– an engine is basically an air pump – 4 stroke …  suck, squeeze, bang, blow
– add fuel, timing and spark = internal combustion engine
– break this system anywhere and you wont get much action

– so your engine turns over ? wont start
– what have you done ? what have you changed, altered, played with, unfixed ?
– air ? fuel ? spark ? …all in the correct ammount and moment ?
– don’t panic…turn the key and petcock/s off, step back …take a breath-deep, go do something you really enjoy for a couple of minutes…

  •  fuses ? kill switch ?
  •  battery ? 12.6 V ? put it on charge, brushes ? check charging system
  • power to coil/s ? points spark ? plugs ?
  • filters ?
  • fuel to carbs ? bowls ? cylinders ? floods ?
  • compression ? leak-down test ?


  •    adjust your cam chain … can readjust warm once you get her running
  •       set your tappets
  •       set your points if you have them .. plugs


– once you get this far she should be at least spitting and farting enough to attempt setting your carbs …

  • if she wont idle, look for air leaks ? atu ? massage her pilot jet circuits
  • once you can get idle, do the idle speed screw/pilot air screw dance
  • smooth transition through to full throttle ?
  • synchronise

Electric Troubleshooting

Carburetor Troubleshooting

Starting System Troubleshooting

Engine Troubleshooting

Oil Troubleshooting

Clutch and Gearbox Troubleshooting

Frame Troubleshooting