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XS650: Reserve Lighting Device   Leave a comment

Back in the days when Tech was a gimmick rather than a means of financial theft Yamaha designed and installed the Reserve Lighting Device (in the wiring diagrams it’s called the Reserve Lighting Unit). It sensed the resistance across the headlight’s lo-beam filament. If the light blew it automatically switched the headlight circuitry to light up the hi-beam and lit up a white idiot light in the instrument panel.

As if you wont notice your light has failed.

The device sits under the seat just behind the battery box. Early ones were black. Later were grey.

They are easy to remove. Pull the plug and throw the thing away. Wire a bridge between the Blue/Black and the Blue/Yellow wires.



rlu – early black .. later grey



RLU – under seat, behind battery box


rlu - tools

remove the RLU … build a bridge, i used a spare connector block, crimped female spade fittings on a short length of wire and inserted them into the connector so that L/B to L/Y (blue/black and blue/yellow) were bridged



bridge … L/B to L/Y … blue/black to blue/yellow



bridge in place