XS650: Distinguished Gentlemans’ Ride II   Leave a comment

The day has come and gone. Again. The fun started before i went to bed. New Zealand time is 12 hours in front of Germany.

We met outside St Paul’s Church. Frankfurt/M. 10.00 am. Ready to leave around 11.00am.

the gathering


Here is a selection of the rides out today. It was great to see so many attend.


kool Norton – made me wish mine was here


CX Honda


top cat – nice detailing


very tasty Guzzi




a gaggle of Triumphs




a trip down memory lane


far east 250cc beastie – very quiet


XS650 cafe


nicely finished beemer


kool little kwaka rat


Kawa Estrella


W650 – sweet machine


another kool Kwaka


oops – who dun dat?


dressed to kill


suit and hairy chin


the SR – only sidecar out today


we had the fountain outside the old opera house ring-fenced


wash day? … i think not


Was a good day out … almost too many bikes to keep track of … not enough time to really meet everyone … you never know when you will meet again.

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