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Halloween isn’t traditionally a German thing. Of course, like most societies, there is a harvest festival. Erntenfest. A time for rural communities to enjoy a little time with their families.

Not far from here are the ruins of Burg Frankenstein. Odenwald. With a name like that, a perfect place to enjoy Halloweeen. Celebration in the North American sense. Adopted in the best of spirit from the US soldiers stationed here over the last few decades.

Burg Frankenstein (ca. 1240) … ruins

The night partying  is renown. Full-on. Sunday afternoons a watered-down version for kids. This year restricted to min 7 yo. We enjoy this. My son and I. Off we went.

on the right path

this year with a fresh dusting of snow

howling in the wind


just clowning around

… and friend

who’s that trittrotting across my bridge?


behind gitter

just hanging around

bed n brekkie

Looking forward to when he’s old enough for the night shows. Only 8 years to go!

And, hattip Rex …

dont ya just hate that!


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  1. Nice photos much enhanced by the presence of one very handsome young man! Best, Blue

    rexblanchard aka "Blue"

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