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Somewhere in my shed I have a right hand shift conversion for an XS650. Came off a sidecross machine. Conversion done both to allow higher gearing (larger front sprocket) and prevent clogging around the front sprocket damaging the shift mechanism.

Also found stateside on flattrack machines. These are raced anticlockwise. Left foot, ironclad, generally run along the track. Left shifting prevents quick changing and is easily damaged when dropping the bike (unless you high side of course).

taking the curve

Relatively easy conversion. Separate the shift claw from the shaft. Turn the shaft around so the spline faces right. Reweld to the correct spacing. Add a boss with seal to the right hand case. Bolt in. Stateside Hoos Racing provides this service.

rh case and shaft conversion

from Full Circle V Twin LLC – 901 Pope Ave Unit 12 – Hagerstown MD, 21740 – http://www.fullcirclevtwin.com .. ph 240-347-4663 –

foot brake and gear shift-rhs … I’ve seen the ‘replica’ … a nice bike but NOT a replica, more a watered down image of what a street legal version could have looked like … nevertheless—


My old Triumphs and BSAs are all right hand shift too. As is my Ducati GT750. In truth I have no problem transferring between right and left shifting. Have more of a problem changing from Triumph to BSA. Triumph-1st is on the bottom. BSA-1st at the top.


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