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I like Australia – it’s a fine country. I’ve lived there. There are only 2 places I like better. I like Australians too. They’re crazy. They have to be. Anyone who’s made up of ca 60% water and chooses to live where it’s either too dry or too wet has to be – or drink a lot of beer. Ivan is Australian. Is he crazy? Well, he rides XS650s. Then, so do I. I dont race them though. He does.

Race preparation is all about a lot of things. Mainly though, aside from reliability, it’s about the trade off between weight, power and transmitting that power to the ground under the rear wheel in such a way that you can control it.

On the other hand, heard a while ago trackside ‘What’s the point of removing all that weight (from the bike) when you look like that’. I picture Ivan as ‘voll abgespekt’. Wash-board belly. Fine-cut abs. Pre-race diet of rice and beer. Reality may be a little different so why do I see that? Look what he’s done to his motor.


1 .. Dimples



2 .. and more dimples ... rephased?

and more dimples … rephased?


3 .. and yet more bloody dimples

and yet more bloody dimples


Now you’re sitting there thinking to yourself

‘That’s all well and good, but what’s that got to do with Kick Starts?’

Ok, fair question, but I’ll raise ya.

‘How well do you use your eyes?’

Go back to the last pic. What do you see? Look hard. That’s right. Roller bearings. In the kick start shaft seat. Also, not shown, in the sidecase. Shaft is bearing supported both ends.


Hmmm. If you’re saving the 14lbs or so by removing the electric leg, increasing the cubes, maybe stroking her, don’t have a rolling starter and want to save your kick start from destroying itself regularly, then , no.

Bearing in case:………HK2016

Bearing in sidecover:…KH2516

Was it worth it?  You’ll have to ask Ivan.

Now we all know that ‘thumpers’ are sly, if you don’t kick all the way through they will back-chat you. Violently.

Either way, this can occur. Ask Ingo. He knows.


4 .. broken boss

broken boss


An easy fix. File flat. Bore. Tap. Bolt. Loctite it.


5 .. file flat, bore deep, tap for 6mm screw, use loctite

file flat, bore deep, tap for 6mm screw, use loctite


Then you’ve got to get her back together again. Pretensioned. With 2 hands. Also no problem. Stefan came to the rescue-or was it Tiger?.


6 .. to pretension afix a cable tie

to pretension afix a cable tie


Fit the kickstarter, complete with kick clip, in the full kick position, return spiral spring is “at rest”..(pic 1)

Tie a cable tie to the spring hook and rotate clockwise to tension


7 .. hold in place with thumb as you pull spring around

hold in place with thumb as you pull spring around


Holding the tension, pull the shaft slightly out of the housing without scratching the gasket surface to get the spring hook over the anchor point…keep inward pressure on the complete mechanism so it doesn’t fly apart.. (pic 2)…make sure the stop is to the left of the moulding at 01.00. The kickstart stop prevents the shaft from continuing and must be so positioned that the shaft is to the left of a moulding in the case and can rotate about 90° counterclockwise…when the stop is on the wrong side you cant move the kickstart…you can see the moulding in this pic under the spring hook


8 .. and locate over the boss

and locate over the boss


Fit the hook over the anchor point and make sure the mechanism is in place.. (pic 3)

Ball bearing stuck ?

Not much you can do here except use a lathe…

  • turn the boss until its cylindrical ( – 0,5mm)
  • open the lever hole (+0,5mm)
  • fabricate a Steel or Bronze bush with ~1mm walls, press over the boss and bore the bearing hole


9 .. seized ball?

seized ball?


Using rear sets? Kick start in the way?


10 .. bend to fit-with heat

bend to fit-with heat


11 .. or what about an SR500 kicker

or what about an SR500 kicker?


Want to remove it all together?


12 .. just plug er up ... a la kalle

just plug er up … a la kalle




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