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I’ve started generating a bit of traffic here. That’s fine. If you like it – welcome back. If not, I’m not forcing you to be here.

If you’re seriously interested in this kind of stuff you’re welcome to open a private discussion with me as it’s one of the things that makes me tick.

Doing something techie? Keeping a photographic record of it? Want to share? Have a request? Contact me.

Have a problem with anything I’ve written? Contact me, I don’t bite and am not interested in misunderstandings.

Have something constructive to say? Leave a comment. If it adds to the topic I will leave it. If not I will remove it, so don’t leave it in the first place.

This isn’t intended as a forum. Been there done that. If you want one of those, there are plenty – find one:

The Garage


XS650 Motorcycles.com

German forum

Netherlands forum

French forum

Danish forum

Swedish forum

Finnish forum

I’m sure there are others.

There are other non-forum XS650 resource sites out there too:

Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia


The XS Racing Club France

I’m sure there are more. Have fun looking for them.

XS1100s and 400s? Here are some for those too.

XS1100 France…links galore

XS400 links

Yamaha Owners Club


XS1100 Australia

XS1100 Forum UK

peace, love and happiness


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