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XS650: Clutch Basket Tool   Leave a comment

There is only really one special tool required here. To hold the basket. While you remove the boss nut.

If I remember correctly there are 2 different sized nuts. The earlier was 27mm and used a locking plate. Later nuts, 29mm, used lock washers.

An air gun will mostly spin the nut off easily simply holding the basket with your hand and a rag.


low tech…you may get away with it once or twice…you may not


tension is not your friend


I know it’s low tech. All the materials will be in your garage. But dont do this. You are putting tensive force on the basket. Those tangs on the side. You will break one.


also low tech…wood or plastic wont score the metal…imagine being those bearings though…


Also common. Stress loading the bearings. Do you really want to do that to the end of your finely balanced precision instrument? Your crankshaft.


got some old plates?…let the chain and gearbox hold the clutch


then there’s this…looks good, known to bend, easily


home made, old pressure plate, works, still not stable enough for me…weak handle


someone is using their head…email address in pic..on ebay too


Now. While you have this off:

  • Check for broken primary gear springs
  • Check or replace the thrust bearing with a multi-needle one
  • Don’t touch the screw for the plate holding the e-start transfer gear. The gear on the other end of the shaft simply sits there. Move the shaft out and this will release. It wont go back in. Pull the crankcases apart.
  • Replace the shift shaft and shift select springs. Cheap. insurance.

thrust bearing…more needles


that screw bottom centre…don’t touch it….too much gasket…the shift shaft spring is there too


selector spring at the top…shift spring just poking its head out from behind the clutch



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