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XS650: Head Stud Washers   Leave a comment

We all know these … Copper head stud washers. For the wet outer studs. 22 x 10.5 x 4 mm. Suzuki part nr 09168 – 10017.


1 ... copper head stud washers

copper head stud washers


The name I refuse to repeat sells brass versions.

Steffi, from Switzerland, dedicated XSler, wrote a post on the german forum. Provided the following picture …


2 .. Steffi_s stainless washers

Steffi_s stainless washers


Offered a 1 off opportunity to get some. He has been making these for over 10 years now, Tried and true! Stainless steel. Innen chamfered. Sealed with an o-ring.


3 .. washer from underside .. chamfered … plus o-ring

washer from underside .. chamfered … plus o-ring


Was intrigued. So bought a few sets. Have no doubt they work. My personal experiences with his XS products have been nothing but positive.

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