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XS650: School Time   Leave a comment

Our boy turned 9 the other day – how time flies!!!

He loves riding. Sidecar or as solo pillion – no problem – gotta have wind in face.

Looking for a birthday gift – Lego is always a winner. Stumbled across a bit of XS memorabilia that guaranteed not many have.

We have summer school break at the moment. 6 weeks of it. He had a week of football camp with Real Madrid and another week with his rugby club. The rest I have him on my construction site.

Anyway, to cut a short story long, I was looking for birthday stuff – school in mind – just the stuff kids hate. And found this …


1 ..  kool XS2 Pencil Case

kool XS2 Pencil Case


2 .. with 2 pockets

with 2 pockets


Sure it’s used. Has a name inside with a post code that doesn’t exist anymore. But, hey, for a kid that goes to school in a sidecar it’s kinda fitting.

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