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XS650: Waterproof Boot Covers   Leave a comment

Winter 2011/12. Went looking for a solution to wet boots. Always a problem when you ride daily. All year. My wife thought taping used shopping bags over my boots was uncool.

Was offered (from a leading Motorcycle product supplier):

  • ‘Waterproof’ boots – so stiff, thick and heavy I had no real feel for the shift lever.
  • pull-over gaiter-style, hard sole, velcro closure to the rear – hard sole was clumsy to walk in and difficult with a kick-only start
  • pull-over gaiter-style, open sole, with toe-cover, velcro closure to the rear – seemed the better option of the 3



1 .. Proof a

sovershoes, gaiter-style – with sole, velcro closure



1 .. Proof

overshoe, gaiter-style, open-sole



These are what I chose. Light. No clumsy sole. Good shifter feel.

First to go, after about 2 weeks – the strap on the left cover.




the strap seen here separated from theotherwithin 2 weeks




strap gone … velcro tab separated from main body




velcro closing tab also separated from the main body when the strap came off – meant it was almost impossible to properly close the overshoe – with cold and wet hands it was almost impossible to get the velcro tabs to evenly match anyway


The elastic band fitting under the boot is a pain. It catches (as does the toe) on the footpeg, shift lever and the kick start – a real problem when riding a solo machine (at least the sidecar wont tip over).




result of the toe catching on the shift lever … the elastic band seen at the top of the picture was just as problematic, and more difficult to release as it is (naturally) elastic and gives



The internal foil layer started breaking up pretty quickly. Meant loss of waterproofing. Wet shoes!!




the ‘good’ foot




the other overshoe … with separated velcro closing tab


These are just over a year old. Worn only when wet. Not walked in. Here in Germany we have a consumer protection law with 2 year warrantee. But only with the original sale receipt. I normally keep everything. Literally. Deductibles. Think I can find this sales receipt? …. Bloody Murphy!!

It’s snowing again today. I’m going to wear my snow boots.

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