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XS650: AMP Superseal   Leave a comment


After parking the sidecar in town the other day I came back to find the sidecar front blinker and riding lights both broken. Decided to replace all sidecar lights with LEDs.



LED Marker Lights

LED Marker Lights … yellow blinker … white riding light … 3 LEDs each … both for the front … 0.004A/0.5W … non-polarised (can be wired either way)




rear light … 5 LEDs each function … tail/brake/blinker/number plate … 1W



As the wiring is rather exposed I thought I would try the waterproof AMP Superseal connectors. These come as 1 to 6 pole. Didn’t come with montage instructions. I found these pretty fiddly to put together. So went looking for instructions. amp superseal 1 and amp superseal.

Made the job a lot easier. However for the cost and effort I am not sure whether I would do it again. Simply from an installation and cost perspective I am disappointed. Time will tell how effective they are. If I hadn’t already the proper crimping pliers I wouldn’t have bothered – they are absolutely necessary. I used 1×3 pole, 2x2pole and 2×4 pole connectors. Together they almost cost more than the lights.



AMP Type A

AMP Type A … cable 0.5-0.75mm² … OD 1.2-1.6mm



AMP Type B

AMP Type B … cable 0.75-1.5mm² … OD 1.7-2.4mm



AMP Type C

AMP Type C … cabel 0.75-1.5mm² … OD 2.5-3.3mm … these red plugs come also as blind plugs (no hole through the middle)


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XS650: LED Blinkers   Leave a comment

Got given a set of LED Blinkers a while ago. They sat around a bit. The idea was to reduce the load on my mates standard wiring XS. The low draw meant the flasher relay wasn’t registering them. He wanted to insert inline resistors. Increases the line load.  Defeats the purpose of using LEDs.

Had a Kellermann load independent flasher unit sitting on the shelf. Worked fine. Can also get generic models. 3 pole or 2.



1 .. 2 pole load independent flasher unit

2 pole load independent flasher unit



Did have to sort another problem though. The control light. Also LED. System wouldn’t work until Left and Right were separated by diodes. 1N4001- 1N4007.

  • 1.0 Amp forward current Silicon S general purpose diode,
  • Low forward voltage drop (ca 0.7V).
  • High surge current capability rectifier.
  • The only difference is in the maximum repetitive reverse voltage …  1N4001 has a maximum repetitive reverse voltage of 50 V, 1N4007  has 1000V.
  • 1 stands for number of semiconductor junctions. N means it’s a semiconductor diode



2 .. how i wired them in

how i wired them in … the diodes (1N4001/4002/…/4007) separate the signal to the control light – works for LED and non-LED circuits



3 .. left led is blinker control

left led is blinker control



Your electronics bloke should be able to help. The end with the stripe is the output side.

The self-cancelling function doesn’t work anymore. Disconnect the yellow/green wire.

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