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After parking the sidecar in town the other day I came back to find the sidecar front blinker and riding lights both broken. Decided to replace all sidecar lights with LEDs.



LED Marker Lights

LED Marker Lights … yellow blinker … white riding light … 3 LEDs each … both for the front … 0.004A/0.5W … non-polarised (can be wired either way)




rear light … 5 LEDs each function … tail/brake/blinker/number plate … 1W



As the wiring is rather exposed I thought I would try the waterproof AMP Superseal connectors. These come as 1 to 6 pole. Didn’t come with montage instructions. I found these pretty fiddly to put together. So went looking for instructions. amp superseal 1 and amp superseal.

Made the job a lot easier. However for the cost and effort I am not sure whether I would do it again. Simply from an installation and cost perspective I am disappointed. Time will tell how effective they are. If I hadn’t already the proper crimping pliers I wouldn’t have bothered – they are absolutely necessary. I used 1×3 pole, 2x2pole and 2×4 pole connectors. Together they almost cost more than the lights.



AMP Type A

AMP Type A … cable 0.5-0.75mm² … OD 1.2-1.6mm



AMP Type B

AMP Type B … cable 0.75-1.5mm² … OD 1.7-2.4mm



AMP Type C

AMP Type C … cabel 0.75-1.5mm² … OD 2.5-3.3mm … these red plugs come also as blind plugs (no hole through the middle)


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