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XS650: Finnish Beauty   Leave a comment

Over the years I’ve enjoyed many a dalliance with Finnish flowers. Today I use a Nokia. Enjoy regular saunas. Listen to Apocalyptica ( heavy metal cello) and Finntroll (folkmetal). A beautiful country. In all seasons.


1 .. Exxo, Finland ... 'Beacher'

Exxo, Finland … ‘Beacher’


Exxo Metzola (and mate Joakim) from Turku. Finland. Entered his XS650 “Beacher” in Sweden’s Norrtälje Custombike Show 2011. Took out 3rd Chopper. Building almost everything themselves. Including the Egli-style tank-in frame. Sweet!!

“And yes, it is rideable ;-)”


2 .. ... and friend

… and friend



Joakim at Norrtälja 2009.



3 .. a Joakim Liewendahl special ... 'Soul of Pagan' Forssa Bike Expo 2009, Finland .. 2nd Trike

a Joakim Liewendahl special … ‘Soul of Pagan’ Forssa Bike Expo 2009, Finland .. 2nd Trike


  • “.. started almost 3 years ago – “Soul of Pagan”- The name describes Finnish native themes and Kalevala – the National Epic. The idea came from a t-shirt I saw at Helsinki International Airport.…
  • Received 2nd prize. Trike. Norrtälje Custom Bike Show 2009, Sweden, which is my favourite show.
  • The trike has an Ultima 113″ motor + 5-speed tranny with suicide/jockey.
  • It has a Weber IDF downdraft carb, which still needs some jetting/adjustment, but it rocks 🙂
  • Don´t ask me how this bike handles and how it rides – it´s like rodeo! But fun.
  • … took almost 3 years to build this trike. Everything except the motor, carb, tranny and belt drive is made by me.
  • Handlebars are “Deerhangers” – my own design.”

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