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XS650: Hydraulic Cam Chain Adjuster   Leave a comment

You met Steffi the other day, he had a crank problem remember, well, he had another problem. He does a high annual mileage-80K in 3 years. This means maintenance and that means time. Now Steffi is not lazy, he’s Swiss, think time -clocks man clocks- time is for riding, ticking for cam chains. Minimise your timing problems and you have more time. Cam chain, valves and ignition-in that order.

He already builds an electronic ignition for the XS650 and there are valve adjusters available that will minimise work there too. So he started playing with hydraulically damped cam chain adjusters. The idea is not new but this application is.

As the motor rotates so does the cam chain 2:1. Rotation and counterpointing 4 stroke dynamics associated with firing set up primary and secondary oscillations in the chain. Add secondary and tertiary oscillations from the sprung chain adjuster and constructive and destructive interferrence sets up vibration esp at idle. Ok this isnt the prime source of XS650 vibration but it does lead to unnecessary chain wear, subsequent effect on valve and ignition timing and a lot of chain chatter.

Steffi came up with these hydraulic dampers for our XS650s


HSKS 74 75 vs OEM

HSKS, 74 -75 vs OEM



HSKS, 76 on model


This is a self contained hydraulically damped cam chain adjuster…has an internal oil reservoir which is pressurised when you install it…and controls the chain oscillations reducing cam chain noise considerably and is supposed to reduce cam chain wear…it is fitted and adjusted just like the stock one, you just do it up slowly to allow the hydraulic damper to adjust until the pin is level with the end of the nut, even if the hydraulics fail it will work the same as the stock item on the spring only.

As a bonus the better managed cam chain has a positive effect on cam-based ignition systems eg Pamco.

Available from Twins Inn in Germany. Wolfgang speaks English but also has a day-job. Best to contact via email

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