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XS650: Amal Single Carb   Leave a comment

Melv from Greensand Foundry has produced single carb manifolds for an Amal. Nice simple carbs.

Carb exiting to the left …

I made this manifold because I had lots of requests from people asking for a cast 2 into 1 that will fit in a standard frame loop. I made this to fit an Amal MK1 concentric, but will be making these to fit other carbs in the future. The Amal carb has a rubber o ring that seals against the machined face of the manifold!!!!!

Straight mounted carb …

He states: This is the first time I started the bike in 4 months. It usually starts first kick but the battery was flat!!!!! This is my straight mounted 1-2 manifold made to fit a standard XS CV carb. Internal bore diameter is 33.0mm. I made this because a number of people wanted it … personally I don’t like the standard XS carbs so adapted it to fit a trusty old Amal MK1 930 Concentric. My range of XS parts is listed on UK ebay!!!!!.

The jetting/settings on the twin Amal 930’s is   Main jet #140   Needle jet#106   Throttle valve (or slide) #3 1/2   throttle needle is 2 indent (which is the 2 small engraved lines above the clip grooves) and the clip position is second groove down or midway.

For the straight mounted 1-2 everything is the same apart from the main jet which is a #170.

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