XS650: Guten Rutsch 2019/2020

I hope 2019 has been good to you and yours. I’ve recovered from an accident 2018. Have recently been actively focused on the bikes. Installed PMAs and Electronic Ignition in 2 of my 650s. Cleaned and reset the carbs on all 4. Done the front disc brakes and a fork rebuild on 1 and the rear disc brake on another. Just sent 2 early SR500 crankshafts off for rebuilding and ordered 2 sets of gearbox bearings.

2020 will bring 2 new built SR500 motors (basically waiting for the above cranks, an oil pump, and to rebuild another head), 2 new XS650 exhausts and a finished 650/750 motor (need to do a head). I need to rebuild a 650 rear wheel and complete 2 SR500 rear wheel sprocket carrier bearing conversions. Been having visions of a double-duplex front wheel fitted to an R6 RJ05 fork, mounted, waiting, in an early SR500 frame … naja – there’s always next year.

End of summer 2020 I plan to ride the Norwegian Coastal Road then return to New Zealand – I can already feel the fish biting.

May 2020 treat you all well – ride in the light.

Don’t forget to dream

Enjoy …

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